Thursday, August 21, 2014

Catching Up: Injuries & News Galore

I've been away for what feels like forever and rather than flood the site with posts I figured one good post would catch us all up.

David Phelps will return as a relief pitcher when he is done rehabbing his right elbow. I guess the Yankees would rather his arm out of the bullpen now rather than wait another week or so to get him back as a starter. If you're making a playoff run I agree with this.

Masahiro Tanaka has thrown two bullpen sessions, including splitters and curveballs, and will face live competition this Saturday. That's the next step in the rehab process so things are moving along quite nicely for the Yankees and Tanaka.

Carlos Beltran wants to be in the lineup tomorrow night after missing the last couple of games with elbow pain.

The Yankees offense held a closed door "clear the air" meeting that Chase Headley suggested. No players were mentioned specifically but coaches were, death stare to Kevin Long.

The Yankees and the Cubs are the most likely to land Jon Lester this winter as of right now according to Jon Heyman. A lot can change between then and now and that's a lot of coupons to be clipped by the Steinbrenner brothers.

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