Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jeter Trying to Keep Yankees' Playoff Hopes Alive

At this point of the season, it's clear to us all that the Yankees' chances of making the playoffs are pretty slim. 

Going into tonight's opener against the Rays, dissapointingly, they trail the Mariners by five games in the AL Wild Card standings, a number that seems to spell doom unless they go on an unlikely run.

Nonetheless, according to team Shortstop Derek Jeter the possibility of that unlikely run is all they need to remain calm, a rather strange opinion he recently shared with The Journal News' Brian Heyman. 

"We're still in a position where if we win our games, then we'll be all alright," Jeter said earlier today. 

Despite saying that, the Captain did later admit that he'd prefer to be in a better position right now, but can't do anything about it.

"I'd look to be in a position where we control some things. I mean, yeah, obviously we're chasing a few teams, but all we can control is winning games. So that's all I'm concerned with now."

Good thing that's the case. No, it's not an ideal situation the Yankees currrently find themselves in, but still, that doesn't mean they shouldn't continue to hold out hope, something they definitely can't do if they scoreboard-watch.


  1. Another rally killing DP by two different players. IF it isn't a base-running error, it's a DP. We need our two clutch hitters in the line-up, Brett and Cisco!

  2. Jeter is coming up with an inventive ways to kill rallies and hit into double plays. Hit it right on the screws last night to kill a rally.


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