Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Petition to Hold Ceremonies AFTER the Game

Hi, my name is Daniel Burch and I am taking up signatures for my petition if you’re interested in signing. My petition states that I would like the New York Yankees to hold their ceremonies honoring players past and present AFTER the game, not before the game. I have written more than once on the blog that I believe the Yankees suck when it matters and I stand behind that notion even more so this season. New York has honored Paul O’Neill, Joe Torre, Goose Gossage, Tino Martinez, and now Derek Jeter this season and have gone an incredible 1-4 in those games, the only win being on Joe Torre Day.

I really don’t have an explanation for why the Yankees are so terrible in these games. Do they try too hard? Do they spend all their energy and emotion in the ceremony before the game? Do the Baseball God’s just not have it in the cards for that particular day? I don’t know, I wish I did so I could fix it, but I do know the current situation is not working and I am more than willing to throw crap at the wall to see if it sticks.

How much more appropriate can you get when you see Jeter with a dirty jersey after a Yankees victory thanking the fans for making him feel like a kid for the past 20 seasons? And before anyone complains about how the fans wouldn’t stick around after the game you’re silly. Fans piled into Yankee Stadium hours in advance for Derek Jeter Day and were in their seats for a 1:35 game by 12:00 pm in the afternoon. If they will come an hour and a half before the game they will sleep in an hour and a half and stay after the game.

It won’t ever happen but something needs to change because these games, playoff chase or not, are not games the Yankees should be losing. The most storied franchise in Major League Baseball history and most winningest team in Major League Baseball history needs to honor their legends with victories. Now get it done. 

Will you sign my petition?

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