Saturday, September 13, 2014

TGP Daily Poll: The Yankees Will Bring Back Chris Young in 2015

Chris Young has been stellar since coming over on a minor league deal from the New York Mets to the New York Yankees. Young has killed left handed pitching and helped put to bed the myth that right handed hitters struggle to hit home runs on a consistent basis in Yankee Stadium. Young is fresh off breaking the Rays Alex Cobb’s no hitter bid in the bottom of the 8th inning Thursday night and then hitting the game winning walk off home run in that same game in the bottom of the 9th and it got me thinking, will the Yankees bring him back in 2015?

New York has Ichiro presumably retiring or leaving via free agency and while they have Carlos Beltran they have no other right handed power bat in the outfield. I say the Yankees will bring him back on a minor league deal or smaller incentive laden contract. What say you?

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