Saturday, September 13, 2014

Headley "Fortunate" HPB Didn't Cause Serious Injury

Yankeees Third Basemen Chase Headley claimed he is "fortunate" nothing too serious came of his recent HBP to the face. 

The incident, which took place in the ninth inning of Thursday night's win over the Rays, left Headley on the ground gripping his mouth, apparently in extreme pain.

“Talking to the doctors, to be hit direct with that hard of a fastball, there’s really no reason that I should be as good as I am,” Headley said. “I’m fortunate, blessed."

Due to the wound, which has kept him out since it happened, the Yanks' defensive stud had to get a few stitches in his chin, although again, that seems to be a fair trade for his health.

"I’m sore, but it could have been much worse," Headley said.

If all continues to go nicely over the next couple days, #12 should return to the field later this week. No exact date has been set yet, but still, just the fact that that's the case is probably good enough, as this kind of situation usually doesn't turn out well for the hitter.

(Quotes via The LoHud Yankees Blog)

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