Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BREAKING: New York is infected w/ New Disease

Breaking news just in from the news desk, apparently New York, New York City, and the fans of the New York Yankees have been infected with some sort of viral and airborne disease. Reports state that production from players on the field actually negate some of the wrong doings and lies that the players have done or said in the past. For example, Andy Pettitte admitted to PED and steroid use and continued his career clean and effective while being a major part of the 2009 World Series championship team. Pettitte was forgiven by the fans, applauded by the fans, and loved by the fans due to this new disease. This sounds like great news for Alex Rodriguez.

Fans are urged to flock to the ballpark in 2015 if they have an undying hated for Alex Rodriguez, a side effect of this new disease, and watch the soon to be 40 year old slugger play every day. Alex can save the fans and himself by putting up big numbers directly out of the gate and putting to bed some of the question marks around him. Alex Rodriguez is the only hope for the human race, New York, New York City, and Yankees fans that are affected with this disease they are calling “forgiveness.”

May God be with Alex in his journey in 2015 to put to stop to this horrible disease called hate. Godspeed. 

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