Monday, October 6, 2014

Derek Jeter Should Sign Alex Rodriguez

This post was written by my very good friend Mr. Robert Casey over at BleedingYankeeBlue. If you want to read the entire post you will have to click over on the link HERE and read it so he gets his well deserved clicks and views but I will share an excerpt here with you guys. Derek Jeter is a leader and will ultimately change the sports world in my opinion and I feel the same about Mr. Casey (he hates it when I call him that but I have THAT much respect for him that I can't not do it) and the blogging world. Check it out and check out BYB who put out great content on a daily basis. Thanks guys.

You want to truly forgive? You want to truly have an open dialog about loss and mistakes and how to better ones self and express it player to fan? Derek Jeter should think about this one; Sign Alex Rodriguez to Players' Tribune.

Have Alex speak to the fans directly. Have Alex tell them that whatever mistakes he made are now passed him, and that he's ready to turn the page. But most importantly, tell the fans, the young kids like my son that the mistakes he made should be life lessons for those children and their own future.  If Derek Jeter could do that, I believe his leadership role will become even stronger, and more memorable than many amazing role models in sports history.

We already love Derek Jeter, but can you imagine if he opens his house to someone like Alex? Can you imagine if Alex opens up to the fans and suggests that he regrets what he did? I mean, shouldn't the punishment be over? Shouldn't the time be now? After all, this isn't about friendship, I don't know if Derek and Alex are close at all. I only read what the media puts out. What I do believe in though is human interaction, respect, forgiveness, second chances, pride and professionalism.  This would be a business move, yes, but it would also help a guy like Alex and for Derek, well, I believe it would show true heart for a fellow Yankee who had a few missteps.  It's true leadership. It also fits in perfectly with what Derek wants to accomplish with the Players' Tribune.  We're waiting for a new writer, just look at this portion of their homepage:

It's not a challenge I'm sending Derek Jeter's way, it's a suggestion.  The idea that people on the Internet literally hate ARod, and in association, spew hate toward ARod fans, is ridiculous.  I wrote I DON'T CARE IF YOU HATE AROD. IT'S JUST BASEBALL. I got a lot of heat for it... I don't even know why. Maybe it was because I was calling out the haters... but truth be told, I don't hate anyone. I was merely making a point. ARod fans can root for whomever they want to. It's called fan choice ladies and gentlemen, and that goes for ARod haters as well.  Just stop being nasty human beings toward each other because that player screwed up.  We get it, he blew his career and is an embarrassment to the Yankees.  You don't think the Yankees know that?

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