Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking Back at the Yankees Leaders from 2014

The 2014 season is over and the Yankees finished with an 84-77 record. Let's take a look at how they got there.

Games Played:

149 games for Jacoby Ellsbury followed closely by Brett Gardner's 148 and Derek Jeter's 145.  

At Bats:

Derek Jeter had the most at bats this season finishing with 581.

Runs Scored:

No player scored 100 runs but Carlos Beltran came close with 87. 


Jacoby Ellsbury led the way with 156 hits and barely edges Martin Prado's 151 with Arizona and New York. 


Jacoby Ellsbury led the way with 27 doubles with Prado came in second once again with 26 with both teams.

Home Runs:

The Bronx Bombers were led by 23 home runs from Brian McCann and 22 home runs from Mark Teixeira. 


Brian McCann actually overtook Jacoby Ellsbury's total late and led the way with 75 RBI.


Ichiro Suzuki leads the team with a .284 batting average but did not qualify for the batting race. Jacoby Ellsbury had a .271 batting average for the Yankees which was the best unless you include Martin Prado and his combined .282 average between the American and National League. 


Masahiro Tanaka led the pitching staff in wins by two over Hiroki Kuroda when he finished with 13 victories. Oh, and he missed two months of time. 


Brandon McCarthy lost 15 games this season, most of them with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Hiroki Kuroda lost nine games with the Yankees in 2014. 


Dellin Betances had the best ERA on the team with a 1.40 ERA this season. Michael Pineda finished the season with a 1.89 ERA in limited action. Masahiro Tanaka finished with a 2.77 ERA after getting roughed up in Boston on his last start of the season. 


Brandon McCarthy struck out 175 batters this season combined while Hiroki Kuroda struck out 146. Tanaka missed two months and still came in third with 141 K's on the season. Dellin Betances struck out the most of any Yankee reliever in the franchise's history with 135 in one season. 

David Robertson finished with 39 saves. That 40th save would have mean't millions, literally. 

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