Sunday, October 5, 2014

Right a Wrong, Sign Jose Tabata

So many times over the past two or three seasons the New York Yankees have released or designated a player for assignment only for the Pittsburgh Pirates to pick him up and stash the player in their minor league system. It may be time for the Yankees to finally return the favor and right a wrong at the same time. Pittsburgh designated outfielder Jose Tabata for assignment after the Wild Card game loss to the San Francisco Giants. Should the Yankees be interested?

Tabata was outrighted once already this season and worked his way back onto the team later in the season posting a .266/.325/.375 slash over the last three seasons combined. Tabata signed a six year extension with the Pirates worth $15 million that placed him under team control through the 2016 season with two team options for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Since the Pirates are on the hook for $9 million in salary over the next four seasons, $8.75 million in guaranteed money for 2015 and 2016 and a $250K buyout of the 2017 and 2018 options, I say why not. With Zoilo Almonte off the 40 man roster and the closest outfield options being Ramon Flores and Adonis Garcia, neither hit for power, I don't see how it could hurt. Sign him as a fourth or fifth outfielder.


  1. Welcome....Tonight's MERCENARY.....Theodore / Ted.
    This young man, speaks his mind.......listen up !

    Ted Tederson : From urban New York......( not much on punctuation )

    " don't think the minors will start churning out major-league players until Cashman goes. he's really only skilled at throwing giant piles of Steinbrenner money at established stars who are entering the decline phase of their careers; thereby paying premium money for less than premium production.

    Cashman has always been terrible at scouting, drafting and developing, and he has shown a complete disregard for this the past decade while the other 29 teams have begun to highly value prospects and change their business model to locking up prospects through peak production years. there are no longer 27" ...blah, blah blah.

    I had to turn his guy off. Reminds me of a running toilet.

  2. WHERE trade Gardner to, include Sabathia, and the whole host of players
    that some here want to hold on to.
    This will not get better, until you clear the decks.
    Bring on board, Gardenhire, and James ' Big Game ' Shields. Now start dealing.

  3. Daniel...I tip my cap to your efforts.
    So much time, and so much quality input.
    Nice job...........little p.

  4. Just as an FYI to Ted from urban New York... Cashman isn't a scout nor is he a developer. Cashman relies heavily on his scouting department and his developmental department, coaches, etc. to make decisions for him. I would venture to say that is the case with almost any GM. What GM scouts all those high school and college players? What GM scouts every free agent? None... and none should.

    1. Damn, I write the same thing and fans go crazy. The key word in the whole paragraph is MANAGER!

  5. Thank you patrick, it makes it worth it to know people appreciate the work being put in.

  6. TONIGHT...two mercenary posters.
    This time, from Brooklyn, NY......Giusppe & John In Forest ( Real guys, who know stuff.)
    Tonight....Bret Gardner, on the base paths.

    Giuseppe Sciarrino Canarsie Yankee • 5 hours ago
    " What was Gardner's excuse before this season? Like he said, he just has terrible base running instincts. How many times have we seen it take Gardner more than 3-4 pitches to move ?"
    CanarsieYankee Giuseppe Sciarrino • 5 hours ago

    John in Forest Canarsie Yankee • 5 hours ago

    " I don't think Gardner has that sort of speed anymore. Three or four seasons ago he was reputedly the fastest man in baseball. Is anyone saying that now? I think he runs less because he has to pick his spots."

    Good job, boys.
    I think what they were trying to say, was that Gardner's ship has sailed. I agree.
    Lets off load this cargo, while we can.
    Gardner, a catcher, and a decent prospect ......will fetch a very good player.
    The Yanks have a similar player in CF now. Lets retool the offense !!! They do not score runs.

  7. Gardner hasn't really dropped any speed, the problem is he has been given a permanent green light to go by Joe Girardi whenever he wants to. Before when he lead the league in steals three of four years ago he was going off signs from the bench.

    His speed is there, his instincts are not in my opinion. If the deal is right, Giancarlo Stanton for instance, I trade John Ryan Murphy, Brett Gardner, and whatever else in a heart beat... but I don't simply trade him away just to trade him away.

    1. Another thing was, the player hitting behind him, he wanted the hole open for him to hit. Many players want the guy on first to stay put and not run. Yes, the speed is still there, just wasn't used as much as one that has "Baseball Instincts" should have.
      The only way I would think of trading Brett is for a younger more talented player!

  8. EBOLA.
    Here we sit, and play, about a game, and getting players. We even guess their bank accounts.
    As this sorry season, turns into another, over the upcoming winter.

    As we go about this past time,....... airliners are bringing in humans, carrying death.
    Death. As it relates to you, your children, and our country.

    A thought, please take the time to scratch your head.

    Whom is paying the airfare for those death carriers, from Africa, to fly to our healthy shores ?
    For those that could never ever pay an air fare, all the while lying, that they are not sick.

    Mock me, but the flood gates are being opened. They, and their death caugh's are coming.
    This is so serious, and it is taken ever so lightly.

    This is true FUBAR, and all we do is joke about some Kardashian's fat ass. Sad.

  9. I like KK and her butt though... no really though I hear you. You have to wonder what these ppl making all the decisions are thinking...

    1. Actually Daniel, one can tell what they are thinking if anyone would have read the book, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.
      This country has to be taken down to the norm and not be the super power of the world yha-da, yha-da, da de do!


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