Monday, October 27, 2014

Victor Martinez Just Priced Himself Out of New York

The World Series may just be half way over and Yankees fans are already clamoring and chomping at the bit to see what big names and players that New York will acquire this winter. One name that was mentioned a lot was that of Detroit Tigers DH Victor Martinez. First and foremost I have been against a Martinez contract from the get go. Martinez does not help the team get any younger, 36 years old, and doesn't help the team get any more flexible, DH only, and doesn't make much sense outside of his offensive production numbers. Don't get me wrong the Yankees need an offensive boost but they also don't need to shoot themselves in the foot next season, the season after that, the season after that, and the season after that.

That's right, Victor Martinez announced that he would be seeking a four year deal at the end of the season. Martinez is currently 35 years old but would be in his age 36 season in 2015 so the deal would basically take the DH into his 40's. While we have seen this work, David Ortiz for example, in the past I wouldn't feel comfortable with New York handing V Mart a four year deal.

Martinez will undoubtedly be linked to a qualifying offer this winter after slashing .335/.409/.565 with 32 home runs this season. Martinez led the American League in OBP and the major leagues in OPS. Martinez would have been the best Yankees hitter on the 2014 club and by a lot so I can understand why the fans would want him on the club, just not for four years.

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