Thursday, November 13, 2014

Are Chris Young's Incentives Achievable?

The Associated Press released the details of fourth outfielder Chris Young's contract Tuesday and we reported it here on the blog. This got me thinking, are Chris Young's incentives actually achievable? If the Yankees plan on contending in 2015 then I would hope not.

If Young achieves his incentives, seen below, that means that Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, and/or Brett Gardner are injured and/or not playing up to par. There is absolutely no reason that Young should get 300 at bats for the Yankees next season let alone the 550 and 600 at bats mark.

Once again courtesy of the AP here are the details of the contract:

NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Young can earn up to $6,325,000 under his one-year contract with the New York Yankees.
The outfielder is guaranteed a $2.5 million salary under the deal announced Sunday and can make $3,825,000 more in performance bonuses based on plate appearances.
Young would earn $150,000 for 250, $200,000 for 275, $300,000 for 300, $350,000 for 350, $375,000 each for 375 and 400, $475,000 for 450, $500,000 for 500 and $550,000 each for 550, and 600.

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