Sunday, November 23, 2014

Astros Reportedly Showing Interest in David Robertson

With over 10 teams currently looking to upgrade their bullpens, it wouldn't be strange if David Robertson received a lot of interest this offseason.

But are the Astros the ones making the first move?

It certainly appears so, with Kevin Davidoff reporting Saturday that Houston has already communicated with Robertson's agent.

Davidoff also wrote that the Astros are intrigued by Andrew Miller and Sergio Romo. Miller and Romo, who most recently played for the Orioles and Giants, aren't asking for as much as Robertson, who wants a four-year deal worth $52 million.

Nonetheless, the Astros like him.

From Davidoff:

"Whether the Astros are willing to go hard enough to give Robertson the four-year contract he desires, for roughly $13 million per season, is unclear. What is clear is Houston has expressed a willingness, through its actions this offseason, to elevate its payroll after fielding some bargain-basement squads, and it also desperately needs relief help if it is to climb back into relevance."

The Astros certainly haven't been a contender lately, not winning more than 70 games since 2010. Each year from 2011-2013, they collected less than 57 victories, and finished last in their division.

But Yankees GM Brian Cashman has said that re-signing Robertson is his top priority, so it's likely New York won't lose rights to their reliever without a fight. Robertson converted 39/44 save opportunities for them last season, and was a proven set-up man beforehand. 

Expect them to get more involved with Robertson soon, as expensive as he may be. 


  1. Robertson is coming off a 3.09 ERA -- that's nothing special these days for a reliever. Sixty-nine relievers who threw at least 50 innings had a lower ERA in 2014. He saved 39 games in 44 opportunities. That's a save percentage of 88.6. Sounds good, but again, it's nothing special; 13 closers with at least 20 opportunities had a higher percentage in 2014. Robertson also allowed seven home runs in 2014, six to right-handed batters. Whoever signs him has to hope that number was either an aberration or Yankee Stadium inflation.

    Yes, there has been consistency in his performances over the past four seasons. But relievers tend to burn out quickly. Do you want to gamble $40 million that Robertson will remain healthy and productive in a role that's fairly easy to fill? I think the guy walks too many batters with counts at 0-2 1-2 and going full counts or walking a hitter. Not a fan of the guy and would be willing to drive him to the airport to Houston or any other place but NY

    1. Him leaving weakens the bullpen so much though. Sure Betances can slide in as closer but then you "lose" what makes him great, his 2 IP+ days as the fireman. Who replaces Betances? That's my biggest concern.

    I really think he has one foot out the door. ( Don't let it hit you in the ass )
    That $ 55 MM Plus, can be used elsewhere. He is not Mariano.

    Now that the winds are blowing Lester, and Scherzer...linkage to the Yankees, perhaps a
    addition to the starting 5-6 is in order.

    A weak starting rotation will kill the Yankees next year. Regardless of whom is in
    the bullpen.
    It all starts with the front five. The Yankess have a gigantic question mark there. We have...?

    Welcome back Ken Hans ! Always enjoy your swagger.

    1. I like it when he is around, sounds like a good baseball fan to me!

  3. HAYDEN year already ?...Happy Birthday, young man.
    To be a fleet sailor, you need your sea legs. Keep working at it.....God Bless.

  4. Yes, sorry to have forgot the real boss of the Burch family...Hayden! Happy birthday!

  5. As for Hayden becoming a sailor...!
    Not on your life, never become a sailor, go Army all the way! The only good sailor, other than Patrick of course, is the Corp men and my hat is off to them! Many thanks guys!

  6. Thank you for the comments guys, I appreciate it. We had a good party. The crowd was smaller than expected but the people that mattered showed up. Fun was had by all. Homemade lasagna from scratch was ate by all... and we have two full pans in the fridge if anyone wants some.

  7. Thanks guys I just can't take the off season especially with our inept gm that hires a minor league hitting instructor to run our farm system. Great hire... Two most professionally run organizations are the cards and Giants. Why not dip into their scouting department and hire someone instead of a hitting instructor. Its comical


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