Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rays Having a Fire Sale?

"I'm taking your spot bro." - Evan Longoria

I made a semi-sarcastic comment on Twitter a few weeks back when I said that I felt like the Tampa Bay Rays were going to have a fire sale and I got absolutely killed by a few (presumably) Rays fans. This was shortly after the team traded relief pitcher Cesar Ramos, like I said I was being sarcastic, and were in talks of trading Jeremy Hellickson. Since then the team has saved a couple million by designating Jose Molina for assignment, saved a couple more million by trading away relief pitcher Joel Peralta to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and have made names like Matt Joyce available in trades. Kind of sounds like the beginnings of a fire sale, no?

This won't be a Florida Marlins fire sale, I can't see Tampa trading Evan Longoria, but I think we are in the beginning stages of it. If Tampa makes Ben Zobrist available, which they are expected to, and even consider listening on guys like Alex Cobb or Matt Moore my suspicions will be confirmed correct in my eyes. I can't say I'm disappointed that Tampa is possibly gearing up for a fire sale either, sell, sell, sell if you ask me.

New management, new GM, possibly a rookie manager in Raul Ibanez, if it looks like a duck...

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