Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barry Bonds Thinks he will get into the Hall

Barry Lamar Bonds is Major League Baseball’s all-time home run hitter with 762 home runs in his career and without an asterisk by his name he believes he will get into the Hall of Fame eventually. Along with his 762 home runs Bonds also has 2,935 hits and 1,996 RBI including some monstrous OBP, OPS and SLG numbers to go along with it. Recently in an interview with’s Barry Bloom Bonds was quick to point out that his record remains unblemished in the official record books. Bonds was very emphatic when he stated that he deserved the necessary 75% of votes to enter the hall after receiving just 34.7% of the vote last year in his second season on the ballot.

Here is the exact quote from Bonds, agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments:

 “I deserve to be there. Clemens deserves to be there. The guys that are supposed to be there are supposed to be there. Period. I don’t even know how to say it. We are Hall of Famers. Why are we having these conversations about it? Why are we talking about a baseball era that has come and gone? Era, era, era. Do the best players in the game deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Yes. Everything that everyone has accomplished in baseball is in that [record] book. Correct? So if that’s correct, then we need to be in there. End of story.”


  1. Absolutely belongs in the HOF. With or without the steroids, he was the most dominant lefthanded hitter in the game. How many players have been intentionally walked with the bases loaded? That is total fear by the opposing team. Put him and Clemens in.

    1. Than you must also include A-Rod in the HOF, Right?
      If not, why not?

      Bye the way, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well Ken. Also to all my greedypinstripe friends too.
      Absolutely do I include ARod in the HOF discussion. We're talking about the "steroid era", and the best players of any "era" deserve to be in the HOF.

    3. I'm going to put my opinions out there for all to judge. There is no doubt that PED's are a black eye for baseball. But I question how much they truly helped a player. Bonds was an absolute stud. His teammates Bobby Estella and Benito Santiago were admitted steroid users. Did either one of them ever come close to Bonds worse year? Jason Grimsley was an admitted steroid user. Did his best year compare to Clemens worst? Superior athletes are superior athletes. Period.

    4. I agree with you Jeff. Without testing and knowing I can't see how you can leave any of them out of the hall of fame. If someone out there believes that there are not steroid and HGH using players already in the hall then they are delusional

      Happy late Thanksgiving guys!.

    5. You bring up a great point Jeff, steroids don't make you great. They may tarnish records because of the ability to heal quicker and bounce back from a day game after a night game, etc., but they don't make you great.

      Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, even Canseco. These guys were great before the roids. You didn't see these guys hitting cheap home runs. Most of them are gone with or without the roids.

    6. Then I guess you are all saying one of the best all around baseball players in the game belongs with them in the Hall voting and should be in when it is time for voting? If you are saying they belong, then I guess A-Rod should be an automatic inductee also!

    7. Me personally I have no problem with A Rod in the Hall of Fame but he has been caught since it was against the rules AND before... so his case is hard to make.

    8. So has Big Popi, and Roger lied before the Congressional Committee (should be in jail)!
      A-Rod has never tested positive for anything. There are still many players using now, and will be forever. They will just refine the drugs and find new stuff to use.
      There will never be a drug free HoF.
      I think they should just quit electing the close, but not really real good players just because he is a good guy or he spent his career as a DH. Being a good guy and PC, never won any games that I know of.

    9. The HOF has never been full of squeaky clean players. Ty Cobb killed a guy. Babe Ruth was a drunk, you had "greenies" in the 60's and 70's, cocaine in the 80's, and now steroids in this era. Why are steroid users the only ones being judged by these hypocritical old sportswriters that don't want to see the records of their baseball heroes broken? Greenies and cocaine are methamphetamines that gave players a boost. Can we prove that players like Mays and Aaron didn't use greenies? How about Reggie and Goose never using cocaine? I'm not accusing any of these players, I'm simply making the statement that athletes have always searched for anything to give them an advantage. The players in the hall are just as dirty as the players these hypocrites are keeping out.


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