Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brian Cashman Wants to Emulate Kansas City’s Bullpen, That Sounds Familiar

Late last week and into the weekend we all digested the YES Network’s interview that the awesome Jack Curry had with Yankees GM Brian Cashman and now we get to pick it apart this week. In the interview Cashman stated that re-signing David Robertson was the team’s top priority this offseason. The reasoning behind putting Robertson ahead of a Chase Headley or a replacement shortstop was that Cashman wanted to use the Kansas City Royals shutdown bullpen from 2014 as a model to build their bullpen after in 2015 and beyond. Boy does that sound familiar.

Remember HERE when I said the same exact thing last month? If not there then what about HERE? Or HERE? I am in no way suggesting that Cashman reads my stuff or gets his ideas from me but it is refreshing that maybe a good decision is on the way for once. Many around Twitter and such see no reason to keep Robertson around when Dellin Betances is going “to be the next Mariano Rivera circa 1997” but I see Robertson as a huge asset that would not be replaced as easily as John Wetteland was after 1996.

I said all that to say this, good work Cashman. Bring the team the best bullpen you can and turn these games into five or six inning games for the starters. It’s 2015 and the New York Yankees may finally be acting like it. 

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