Monday, December 29, 2014

A new chapter begins

So, the New York Yankees have finally made some moves. Trading for Sir Didi Gregorius in a three team trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers was a start. Later that same day, by acquiring Andrew Miller, David Robertson – who seamlessly replaced Mariano Rivera – left to sign with the Chicago White Sox. Shane Greene was traded to the Detroit Tigers in the Gregorius trade. The Yankees are replacing the retired Derek Jeter with a real-life knight. (Bad joke aside, Gregorius has big shoes to fill). The Yankees re-signed Chris Capuano on a one year deal.

Many fans (including myself) were puzzled at the Yankees offseason strategy as the rest of the division has been busy reloading and has improved tremendously.

As it turns out, Brian Cashman was not finished. Friday’s activity was a big deal: the Yankees re-signed Chase Headley to replace Alex Rodriguez as the starting third baseman and traded Martin Prado to the Miami Marlins in a five player trade. In the Prado trade, the Yankees sent Prado and David Phelps to the Marlins for Nathan Eovaldi, Garret Jones and pitching prospect Domingo German. And top it all off, the Yanks and Mets also completed their first trade since 2004 when the Yankees acquired reliever Gonzalez Germen for cash.

Now that the core four era has officially ended, the Yankees are attempting to re-launch those dynasty years. In doing so, the Yankees are finally trying to bolster the team through the farm system again, by giving Rob Refsnyder or Jose Pirela a chance to become the starting second baseman and trading or signing young talent. The re-upping of Capuano and acquisition of Eovaldi helps ease the departure of Brandon McCarthy.

The Yankees are at long last getting younger, instead of irresponsibly spending money on players who are past their prime. It seems as if this new era is off to a good start.

Only time will tell if the Prado trade was a bust. But for now, there’s reason to be cautiously optimistic that the Yankees are finally heading in the right direction.

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