Friday, December 26, 2014

Alex Rodriguez Makes's List of 2014 Sports Villains

What a shocker, Alex Rodriguez has made the Top List of Sports Villains from the 2014 season. does great work, especially Brandon Kuty and their Yankees coverage, and earlier in the week the team was at it again releasing their top sports villains of the calendar year. Click the link HERE to see the entire list but to no one's surprise Rodriguez made the list. See below for the Rodriguez excerpt and be sure to give those guys a click or two, they do great work. 

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been a villain for almost his entire career, but 2014 represented the end of the line for the serial performance-enhancing drug offender. 

When an independent arbitrator reduced Rodriguez's 211-game suspension to 162 games, the verdict was hardly a win for the three-time American League MVP. After going scorched earth in his case against Major League Baseball, even asserting the sport was lying and out to get him, Rodriguez disappeared for the year and accepted a spot on this list.

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