Friday, December 26, 2014

What Key Yankees Got for Christmas

As we all know yesterday was Christmas so I called a few key Yankees to wish them well and ask what they got from Santa Claus yesterday. The presents were well thought out from the fat man up north, good work Mr. C. Anyway, on to those presents:

Mark Teixeira: A healthy and productive 2015 season

Carlos Beltran: The ability to play 125 games in right field

Brian McCann: The ability to beat the shift consistently

CC Sabathia: A healthy and productive 2015 season

Alex Rodriguez: $61 million and a "Enjoy retirement" card

Masahiro Tanaka: The Christmas miracle, no Tommy John surgery as a Yankee.


  1. Glad this was a fine Christmas for you and yours Daniel.

    About your list; I agree and disagree on only one player...A-Rod!

    I disagree, wanting him to take the $$$$$ and just go away! I want a healthy A-Rod playing to about 85% of what he was...and that my friend, is a big asset to the team.
    If Jeter @40 years old can be off a year and play at 80% of what he was in 2012. A-Rod can do it IF he works and is healthy...hell, he was one of the all time best. 85% of A-Rod is equal to 110% of many players.

    I agree, in as much as...can he be and stay healthy enough to help the team? If not, go baby go!
    I do believe the management blew this one, Hal and Cashman should have been checking and talking all the time with him and build up a relationship with him...outside the media. That way if A-Rod can't cut it, they may have been able to work something out with him. Now, it is to late! They sit him, pay him off or get him on health/injury retirement!

    Before anyone thinks otherwise...I hate what he did, and always will. But, Talent is Talent, IF he can help the Yankees win, which a healthy A-Rod can...that's good enough for me. IF not...Sh-t Can him, anyway possible and if need be, eat the money with the stipulation he not sign or play for any team.

    1. Of course I WANT Arod to come back healthy and prove everyone wrong I just don't want the circus that is going to come with it. I'm over it.


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