Saturday, December 20, 2014

Has Brian Cashman Called Billy Beane?

The title of the post is simple, has Brian Cashman called Billy Beane? If he hasn’t then don’t you think maybe he should? Beane is selling everything that isn’t tied down and deemed untouchable, oh wait Josh Donaldson was untouchable, and the Yankees should see if they can take advantage of that. Beane has already traded away the aforementioned Donaldson, Jeff Samadrzija, catcher Derek Norris and a slew of others making you wonder what exactly is going on in Oakland.

Do the Yankees matchup with Oakland and what are New York’s needs? Seemingly the infield, outfield and DH positions are locked and set in stone so it would be pitching that the two teams would discuss. While it looks like Beane has a picture of the 2014 All Star Game and is trading away all those players that made it maybe Scott Kazmir would be in play? Sean Dolittle? What would New York have to give up for one of those two? Gary Sanchez? I think I’d be comfortable with that.

We keep hearing the stories that Cashman is working the phones and in on everybody but the fans haven’t seen much out of the due diligence. Hopefully this is more than due diligence and is happening right now as we speak. 

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