Thursday, December 18, 2014

Robert Refsnyder Now Trade Bait?

Writing this blog feels like filling out the paperwork on a death certificate for me but I think it has to be done. I truly do believe that the signing of Chase Headley may have unofficially ended the tenure in pinstripes for Robert Refsnyder. Refsnyder overall is major league ready, although obviously his defense and footwork at second base could use some work, and is now blocked at his natural position of second base for two years behind Martin Prado, his second position in right field for two years behind Carlos Beltran and now third base is blocked for at least four years with Headley. The Yankees need pitching and the team thinks pretty highly of Jose Pirela and that’s not a great combination for Refsnyder.

Players will get hurt this season and the Yankees will need an infielder at some point which is a given but the signings of Nick Noonan and Cole Figueroa point towards there being “plenty” of depth in the system. The fact that Pirela and Prado can play everywhere along with Brendan Ryan being pretty versatile himself truly helps the team and hurts Mr. Refsnyder.

Barring a big time signing like a Max Scherzer or a James Shields or another acquisition for a starting pitcher via trade or free agency I worry about the future of Refsnyder in pinstripes. I have beat the drums for Refsnyder’s call up for months now and the beating and the candles may be all for nothing if the Yankees don’t solidify that rotation and fast. A Refsnyder and Romine deal makes sense to the Yankees I just hope that it isn’t enough elsewhere.

Stay tuned…


  1. This is the truly disappointing part of being a Yankee fan. Yes Daniel, you're right. Refsnyder is now trade bait. And yes Mr. Hans, you're right as well. Cashman is an idiot. Refsnyder should have been playing for us in September so we would have a better idea of what we had. That might have saved us $13 million that could have been used for somebody like Scherzer. Now we're going to lose a good prospect and we're still short that top of the rotation starter we needed. I hope karma bites Cashman in the ass this time. I hope Refsnyder goes to an AL East team and we have to watch him kick our ass 18 times a year.

  2. Cashman is a man that at one time had a blank checkbook and for the most part failed and has tried and failed in the trade market unless you call dumpster diving failed. The farm system is still terrible and for whatever reason this clown is still around. I think you have to look at the ownership of all NY teams and they are all terrible from the Dolan's to Mara's to Hal.

  3. I cringe when I check MLB Trade Rumors daily. I just see a Refsnyder, Romine/Sanchez, etc. package coming for a pitcher. No way we go into the season with this rotation.

  4. Steinbrenner (Hal) may be worried no one else will want to work for us (see the hitting coach) so he keeps Cashman around because he is the whipping boy that keeps on taking it.

  5. If you had asked me SO MUCH


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