Saturday, December 20, 2014

TGP Daily Poll: Brian Cashman is Smoking Crack

I know this isn't a prediction that can actually be proven correct so if you're using Knoda vote no... but Brian Cashman is smoking crack. I predict Cashman is smoking crack. He has to be. Phelps and Prado for Eovaldi and Jones? Crack. Crack Kills.

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    As you see on this KNODA Poll on 12 /20 at 10;15 AM ...The quite, don't go nuts group, is
    disagreeing with your teaser..........10-3.
    No surprise to me. I'm one of them, and I like the trade for reasons posted last evening.

    1. I am not against the trade if we're rebuilding. I want to rebuild. Just tell me we're rebuilding and don't feed me the "World Series Caliber Team" every single season line.

  2. Daniel....they can not reach a high caliber team, while those awful contracts are in place.
    Two mid level players do not build a team.
    The team is better today, and ' little p, the porn star ' supports this move.

    1. Again, I'm not trashing the move as much today as I was initially. I will say that it does make the team worse in 2015. Again, if we're rebuilding on the fly I want to and agree with it. Just tell me we are.


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