Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What I Want for Christmas: Yankees Edition

In my personal life I am so truly and very blessed that I don’t necessarily want or need a thing. I’m not greedy in my personal life and I have everything I need. Food in my stomach, warm house around me, a lovely wife and two beautiful children etc. I’m that hard person to buy for because I have everything and I have the finances to get everything I want or need or anything my kids want or need. My Yankees fandom is something totally different and is where my greed and avarice come out, also known as my human side that’s prone to sin a time or two. So what do I want for Christmas for my beloved New York Yankees? The answer is easy, Max Scherzer.

I don’t believe the Yankees will sign Scherzer even though I do believe that they almost “need” to but this is the time for reaching for the stars and hoping for the moon. Free Agency, not Christmas although on Christmas you can do that sometimes as well. If there is a Santa Clause I hope he brings me Max Scherzer under my Yankees themed Christmas tree this year because lord knows I’ve been good. 


  1. Daniel I am happy that things are going well for you in your life. This is just a microcosm of all of our lives. That being said what I would like is less realistic than Max S. I want the Yankees to be sold and Cashman immediately told to vacate the building. I have a better shot of hitting the lottery, but hey thats what I want

    1. Now's the time to wish for the sky so why not, lol.


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