Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brandon McCarthy Joins The Player's Tribune

Mets v Yankees X Clemens

I was reading Derek Jeter's blog "The Player's Tribune" yesterday and I ran across a post titled "Hall of Fame Denial" which immediately peaked my interest. As many of you know I am on the side of letting the steroid era players into the Hall of Fame and I hoped that this article shared the same view I have, and it did, but what was most interesting was who the author was. Former New York Yankee and current Los Angeles Dodgers player Brandon McCarthy wrote the article and touched on a lot of key points that had me shaking my head in agreement for the entire article.

To close out the article McCarthy revealed who would have been on his Hall of Fame ballot had he been able to fill one out and, spoiler alert, it's very steroid era friendly. CLICK HERE to read the entire article from Mr. McCarthy and as an excerpt I will share his Hall of Fame Ballot below. Enjoy!

Roger Clemens
Barry Bonds
Curt Schilling
Mike Mussina
Tim Raines
Alan Trammell
Mike Piazza

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