Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday TGP

Wow, three years ago on this day two friends of mine Bryan Van Dusen and Jorge Maestre approached me with the idea of starting a blog. I wasn’t really too excited by the idea nor was I too optimistic about the idea but being willing to be wrong I went along with the idea. Jorge dropped out after getting his panties in a bunch, if you’re reading I love you brother and I wish you would come back and I happen to like bunched up panties, and Bryan and myself moved on with The Greedy Pinstripes.

Three years later, again wow, here we are. We aren’t setting any records in growth or views and we’re not on the YES Network or anything but we have great organic growth that was built on hard work and dedication, not simply pouring money into SEO help. With the help of you all reading this we’re pushing well over 800,000 views and we’re pushing 2,700 followers on Twitter. That boggles my mind and I appreciate every single click, every single comment, every single Tweet and every single follower.

You guys and gals have truly humbled me. Three years ago I never would have thought that anyone gave a crap what I had to say. They could go to RAB or Lohud is what I would say. Now when I get on Twitter we’ve been told we’re the best Yankees blog around. While I appreciate that and cannot allow myself to agree with it I do truly appreciate it and appreciate you. Without you we would not donate our time and our efforts for this site like we do. We’re not getting paid for this and frankly if it never came, and I speak for everyone I think, that’d be okay with us.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly one humble man today, and every day, and that is not possible without each and every one of you. I pour my heart into this blog and I’m glad to see some of the dividends finally paying off. Have a great day everyone and New Year’s Resolutions be damned, today we eat cake!


  1. Happy Birthday to you and Bryan, Daniel...Late, but heartfelt!
    I am grateful to you guys for, putting up with Patrick and I...while giving us a place to call home!

    1. Thank you Reed. We're the lucky ones to have you, calm and cool level headed Yankees fans, more so than anything. Thank you guys for sticking it out.

  2. Many of the sites out there have what I call; "The chosen few"! The said few, are never to be told, they are wrong! If one does, you better be ready for the back lash coming your way from "The Chosen" and pals!
    That is the biggest difference I find here, we can fight like hell...and do...but, most of the time, it is without the vitriol seen elsewhere!
    I for one, wish to keep it that way...even when I am, the Devils' Advocate!

  3. Very well said, Daniel.

    But I want to add that I'm thankful that you're around. Without you this place would not be.

    1. I enjoy what I do, that's all you need. Thank you for the kind words though.


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