Monday, January 5, 2015

Most Popular Article of the Week: Bold Predictions for the 2015 Yankees

If you guys know anything about me by now it's that I absolutely suck at making predictions that are not in the moment of a game or whatever. This season on Twitter I was donned the "Yankees Wizard" after multiple predictions including a couple Chris Young walk offs and David Robertson's implosion and Derek Jeter's walk off on the final game at Yankee Stadium just to name a few. For some reason I do great in those sort of predictions and not so great in the predictions I am about to do, the bold predictions for the season. Let's keep that in mind so you can be gentle in the comments sections.

- Alex Rodriguez, if he gets enough at bats due to injuries, will be a 20 home run guy in 2015. Rodriguez may only hit .265 but will drive 20 balls over the fences for 60 RBI.

- The Yankees world right now is etching Robert Refsnyder's name in stone for the starting second base job but I think Jose Pirela will win the competition in the spring.

- New York will have a closer by committee, at least to start the season, as Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller won't be tied down to the "defined roles" that Joe Girardi loves so much.

- Carlos Beltran will hit 30 home runs with optimal rest, the friendly dimensions at Yankee Stadium, the bone spur no longer an issue and the DH position.

- Mark Teixeira will play in 135 games because every player that has had a comparable wrist surgery is much better the second year removed like Teix will be in 2015.

- Didi Greorius hits .275 and slugs 17 home runs... because why not.

- Yankees win the second Wild Card with 89 wins


  1. Let me count the ways, I agree or, in a very respectful way (LOL), disagree!
    1--A-Rod--could do much better if he is healthy, talent is talent...IF healthy!
    2--I like both Refsy and Pirela but, Pirela has more versatility...speed and able to play more positions.
    3--Closer by committee doesn't fit into the way Joe manages. Spring training will decide...I believe!
    4--Beltran could (I hope) do 30 HRs but, only if he comes to spring training...willing and WANTING to!
    5--Tex will be Tex, still can't hit the ball diving in on him and swings over it as his swing is an upper cut...less time in the strike zone. Defense is still his best suit, but low avg., maybe 30 HRs!
    6--Didi, I think he could be a ok hitter, good enough for a SS. But, only if they let him play everyday.
    7--Don't think they get in, unless everyone stays healthy and plays as their cards show...or close enough!

    1. talent is talent but he's still going to be 40 years old....

      Almost positive Refsnyder is considered to be quicker than Pirela but I've never seen them race.

    2. I don't think so Daniel, last I heard (read) Pirela is faster and does steal bases.
      But, unlikely to be proven right...going from memory is not the best way to go.
      Refsy is a bit better athlete, so says the reports and could be a bit like Cano as far as fielding. But I think as an all around player, I like Pirela as being a steady hitter, with less down times.
      Bottom line, either one will be better than what we had in 2014. I want them both to go North with the team.

    3. Who stole more bases in 2014? I'm really asking, I'm at work and everything is blocked.

    4. Refsnyder: 9/18
      Pirela: 15/22

    5. Thank you Jeff!
      This doesn't mean I was right, just one ran more than the other...with a higher % rate!
      Base running has a lot more to do with instincts, than speed...see O'Neill, he wasn't real fast but had the 6th tool, instincts!

    6. Thanks Jeff, I was truly curious. I know Pirela has some speed but I can remember reading that Ref was a big speed, stolen base kind of guy in College at Arizona.

  2. Mr. Reed I agree with your assessment on everything but Didi. I don't think he will be that good. Everything else I think you're spot on

    1. What?
      You agree with me?
      Thanks, I think! LOL

    2. I know I had to check my head

    3. HANSEL & GRETEL.......needs his head checked ? Pray for small miracles !
      After the examination he won't be billed. Nothing there, devoid of cerebral synapsis.

      These past few weeks of baseball trades, has been a godsend for the Yankees'.
      Young power relief pitchers galore, young athletic infielders, a young power starter
      who may be the next Nolan Ryan....and its not over. Brian Cashman, I feel is poised,
      to push the red button on a true blockbuster trade. My Irish bones feel it.

      Yet, fairy tale Hansel is still stuck in reverse. The toilets is half empty ...etc. You must have
      a vision. An opening day dream that appeals to you ?

      For once, Hansel of children's books, if you dare............What would you have
      done differently the past few weeks, and what would be a player move, you suggest as we head toward spring training ? Now batting...Hansel. Let it rip, son.

      Another one of these remarks, like this from you, and I'm going over the Goethals Bridge.

      ........." After the season is over I'm telling you all right now I will be the one who tells all of you I told you so. We gave up way too much " .....on, and on, and on.

      Time to step up, what is your platform ?

    4. Danica you obviously have hit the wall to many times and you haven't been wearing your helmet. Shame on you!!! I have answered that question numerous times on here so I choose to get my head of the toilet and not be repetitive. I will throw this out to you again..why is it that Eovaldi has been traded three times in his short career?Get a coors lite out of the fridge take a swig and ponder your answer and please don't have a brain hemorrhage

    5. At a young age you're USUALLY not traded because you're being given up on as much as you're valued by other teams. You can blame Cashman for making a dumb trade but that means the Dodgers and Marlins GM's are dumb too.

      Eovaldi was traded for Hanley Ramirez, to get you must receive. Andrew Heaney was traded twice in a day and if they want to trade him a third time I'd take him in NY no questions asked.

      When you're 30 and being traded a lot then there might be smoke, he's still young.

    6. Good Gonzalez was traded four times. Just saying. He seems like a pretty good pitcher. Scherzer was also traded. Along with Hudson, Shields, Price, Schilling, new HOF pitchers Martinez and Johnson, Wells, Clemens, etc., etc. Is that how we're measuring a player now? How many times they've been traded? Really?

    7. That was supposed to be Gio Gonzalez. Why does spellcheck only work when you don't want it to!


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