Saturday, January 3, 2015

Should the Yankees Re-Sign Ichiro Suzuki?

Should the Yankees re-sign OF Ichiro Suzuki?

That's the question The Latin Post's Damon Salvadore recently begged, opining Friday the Yankees could soon show interest in the veteran to fill their offensive needs. Ichiro, 41, has played for the Yankees since July of 2012, and hit a solid .284 off the bench for them last season.

From Salvadore:

"Suzuki won't fix all of [the Yankees' offensive] problems, but he does bring veteran leadership, experience and hits. Suzuki has recorded at least 100 hits in all 14 of his years in the big leagues. Adding Suzuki would at least provide a sure reliable hitter. Without [Derek] Jeter and Suzuki in the lineup, the Yankees would struggle mightily to get on base."

The Yankees could certainly use another bat right now, seeing as their performance at the plate last year wasn't all that appealing. Their team average of .245 ranked 11th in the American League, and their .307 on-base percentage was even lower at 14th.

Not to mention, Ichiro's probable replacement, Chris Young, is coming off a pretty unimpressive campaign whether you include his late hot streak with the Yankees or not, and it's not exactly a safe bet he'll be any better in the future.

Regardless of what New York ultimately decides to do with Ichiro, though, it should be noted the speedster stated his intentions to return for 2015 earlier this offseason, so it's unlikely the Yankees will have to worry about being rejected if they do eventually pursue him. 


  1. Not only no, but hell no! Last guy on the planet the Yankees should bring back. I would rather see them sign Arod to an extension then resign Ichiro. He may have hit .280 or so, but it was the most anemic .280 in baseball.

  2. We have enough outfielders and we have enough speed and no power guys. Also I think it's funny that the Yankees will struggle to get on base without Mr. DP Derek Jeter and Ichiro.

    1. It is very surprising news me; DJ--149 hits--50 RBIs, Ichiro--102 hits--22 RBIs, whereas we had Ells--156 hits--70 RBIs and Brett--142 hits--58 RBIs. As to HDPs DJ--15, Itchy-3==18 and Ells-9 and Brett 3==12.
      I don't see how we are going to miss them at all, the sports media and announcers, will not be able to tell us what we see, is not what we see.


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