Saturday, January 3, 2015

REPORT: Padres Tried to Lure Hiroki Kuroda

Last month we learned that Santa Claus would not be bringing starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to the Bronx for a fourth straight season and instead he would be delivering to his original team in the Hiorshima Carp. A few days later reports were released that Kuroda turned down a deal in the $16-$17 million range to return home to Japan for roughly $4-$5 million in US dollars. While the report never mentioned the Yankees specifically making that offer, and I questioned anyone and everyone who reported that it was the Yankees making the offer when there was no proof of that including one of my own writers, it was generally assumed that New York made the offer. WRONG!

According to MLB Trade Rumors it was AJ Preller and the San Diego Padres who made the reported deal to Kuroda. I've seen numbers as high as $18 million thrown around from San Diego to the 39 year old RHP although the team confirmed it was not that high. And we have yet to see a reported deal made from the New York Yankees.

Long story short it all comes down to responsible journalism. That's why I personally got into the blogosphere and also why I respect the crew over at Bleeding Yankee Blue so much. Get it right, it's not a race and no one cares if you were first.

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