Sunday, January 18, 2015

Will the Yankees hit successfully in 2015?

By Eddie Sapienza
In this article I will go over all the hitter who should be in the Yankees lineup and if they will succeed or not.
1. Jacoby Ellsbury
• Jacoby is great at stealing bases and if his hitting is bad at least he can steal bases. His speed also helps him play defense. His hitting in 2014 was very good but could me much better.
2. Brett Gardner
• Brett is another guy who steals bases very well but he usually doesn't steal much. The key to his success on the bases is to be more aggressive. His power numbers were higher than ever in 2014. The power caused him to get a little off and his average tailed down a bit. This is a very good 1-2 punch in the lineup
3. Brian McCann
•McCann would've done much better in 2014 if the shift wasn't in place most of the time. The shift is not going away and that's going to be a nightmare for McCann. His average isn't going to be great but the power will be their.
4. Mark Texeira
• Teixeira has been injury prone since his wrist surgery in 2013. In 2014 he just wasn't the same and his performance showed it. He led the team in home runs but was injured and hardly got any base hits.
5. Carlos Beltran
• Beltran had a good season in 2014 besides the elbow inury. If he was healthy he could've done much better that's why his numbers weren't great. Every time he received a cortisone shot he hit very well. That just shows that Beltran can have a good season at the plate this year.
6. Alex Rodriguez
From taking PEDs to peeing on his cousins wall A-Rod has been in lots of news this year and none of it good. Still I believe that's all in the past and I know it won't bother him. I've shared my thoughts on what I think about him a few times and I think he'll be good.
7. Chase Headley
• With Alex Rodriguez coming back I didn't expect Chase Headley to be signed. Although they did which means it'll be a competition for the starting third baseman which I believe Headley will win.
8. Didi Gregourious
• Gregourious is going to be the replacement for Derek Jeter. Everyone knows he is and will never be no Jeter. From what I've heard his defense is good but his hitting not yet. I think it'll take a bit to figure out his hitting and I'm not sure about this new hitting coach. 2015 probably won't be the year for him.
9. Stephen Drew
• Stephen Drew was with the Yankees for part of the season and hit horrificly. It was a big mistake resigning him and he shouldn't be a part of this team.
If this team is healthy they have a chance to make the playoffs in 2015.


  1. Agree with you on most. Not sure I feel good about McCann, though

  2. I think Didi will succeed, said that many times, and I think Stephen Drew will play a lot more to the back of his baseball card in 2015.

    Teixeira will succeed, or be better, because he is in the second year removed from his wrist surgery. This won't keep him on the field with everything else but it should give him more chances.

    and FYI, it's succeed... not suceed.

  3. Replies
    1. No worries buddy, just trying to help you out.

  4. I hope Drew is better in 2025.

    1. He could be blind folded and almost hit better in 2015 then he did in 2014.

  5. I think Beltran and Tex will hit better this year...IF they both are in baseball shape coming to Spring Training.
    McCann was starting to hit to all field near the end of the year, He will hit better also.
    Didi, I am on the side of him being able to hit any pitcher (L/R) IF given the chance to play every day. Well enough to be in the line-up every day.
    Headley will win the 3rd base job....goes without saying. A-Rod will hit better than many fans think he will. He will not be a 30 HR./100RBI guy anymore, but much better than we have had in a while.
    I also, agree with the Drew assessment in the posting!

    1. You almost ALWAYS have a better year in your second year coming to New York. Most, if not all, free agents will tell you that. Takes a while to get settled in to the climate, the fans, the media, etc.

    2. Yup! I thought McCann really turned things around near the end! He seemed sure of what he was doing and what the other teams were trying to take away from him. I look for more improvement from him this year.
      I like the way he interacts with the pitchers, a few times he called for a pitch and the pitcher called him out to the mound, telling him he wanted to throw a different least that is the way it looked...he shook his head yes and that was it. No argument like we have seen with one of our catchers of years past.
      After all, if the pitcher has an idea of what pitch he wants to throw...he is the one that get's the sh-t if it was the wrong call. Let's face it, he (pitcher) is the boss, if he is not happy with the pitch, he will not throw it as well as he should. I know one thing...I always called my own pitches.
      I always believed a pitcher can see the reaction of the hitter better than the catcher, the catcher has to catch the ball while I am out there watching the hitter and his reactions.


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