Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yankees Make "Most Interesting Trade" List

As many of you know The Greedy Pinstripes is a member of the BYB Hub who's mission is to get the smaller and less known blogs free exposure. The BYB Hub is run by Robert Casey of Bleeding Yankee Blue so if you want to check out his hard and generous work be sure to click HERE. Another member of the Hub is "In the Mitt Baseball" and they published a very detailed and well thought out article showcasing the most interesting trades of the offseason. CLICK HERE to read the entire lengthy article but one trade the Yankees made was on the list and I will share that in an excerpt below. Enjoy!

  1. Nathan Eovaldi Garrett Jones and Domingo German to the Yankees for David Phelps, Martin Prado and Cash

Why it’s interesting: One of the rare future-minded moves made by the Yankees. Eovaldi is a young inning eater with upside. Phelps is depth and flexibility. Prado is also a flex-player and a productive, veteran teammate renowned for his clubhouse presence.

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