Saturday, February 21, 2015

Are the Yankees retiring too many numbers?

The Yankees recently retired the numbers 20, 46, and 51, which are the numbers of Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and and Bernie Williams. Some fans are saying that the Yankees have retired too many numbers. In this article I'll talk about whether that is true or not.

The Yankees are the best franchise in baseball and they've had all the best players. With all those greats, their numbers need to be retired to honor them. Some fans are making the joke, "get the triple digit numbers ready," which isn't funny and is just plain dumb. With all the Yankee greats, they have to honor them due to their great work with the team.

As of now, the Yankees do have enough numbers available not in triple digits. I agree with all the numbers the Yankees have retired except Pettitte. He took steroids and that makes the Yankees look like they are supporting cheating.That is one number that shouldn't be retired.

Jeter's number will definitely be retired and that will also mean one less number. Let's take a look at the Yankees retired numbers.

With three more added to this list, and soon Derek Jeter, I see plenty of numbers available.  So fans shouldn't be complaining, because there are still many numbers up for grabs.

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    1. It's not a matter how many, it's a matter of worthiness.

      So argue that this guy or that guy is not good enough (or a cheater), but don't tell me the Yankees have too many.

  2. I'll buy into the Pettitte thing! If he gets his number on the wall, why not A-Rod also...if he were to hit 715 or more HRs and help the Yankees win some WS. Sometimes, we forget, if it were not for him 2009 WS would never have happened!
    Both took steroids, I wouldn't have them on the wall at all.
    Many will disagree with you but, in this case, I'll agree with you!

    1. A Rod did not come through the system, which means a lot, and only won one World Series where Andy won five. Also A Rod took steroids twice and got suspended for 162 games where Andy took them when they weren't technically "illegal" and never failed a test or was part of a controversy again.

      And this is coming from an A Rod fan.

    2. And before you say it Reggie Jackson didn't come through the Yankees system either and I don't think he should have his number retired because of four home runs in the World Series. Alex destroyed anyone and everyone in a whole postseason.

    3. I may be mistaken, but A-Rod never failed a test either! He was named as a user before it was illegal. After that he was never found to have taken anything illegal until this time when he was outed by the so called Doctor. He was given the 162 games for making such a mess of everything and all the trouble he caused. So it was said! I think it was because he was A-Rod and a Yankee!

    4. You're not mistaken, he never failed a test. He did it twice though, he admitted that much. He was named a user before it was illegal the first time, which is why Andy got a pass, but the second time and then the lawsuit frenzy killed any chance for Alex.

    5. Just something to throw out there...
      Andy and others were named the first time, Andy lied and so did A-Rod and 99% of the others, later they admitted it.
      Most of the others were forgiven, more or less but, not A-Rod. This is what I have been saying for years..."Most of the players don't like him because he is better than they are!" now it should be in the past tense, but who cares? The word to look for is...Jealousy and, of course, all the BS fed to the media by Joe T and others just exacerbated it more.
      The bigger they are, the harder they fall...with the help of those of lesser talent.
      I have yet to find a player or minor leaguer to say anything bad about A-Rod until the middle of his first year as a Yankee. He was always helping the younger guys and one of the first guys to step up and help out...until it got bad, everything he did was blown out of proportion and made to look worse than it really was.
      And who was the idiot reporter that asked a woman (A-Rod quit seeing) about anything in his apartment, has he not heard of...."Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned", or dumped? He must have been a married to the first woman he ever dated...otherwise he did it just in hopes she would really give him some good stuff to write...which she did.

      Yes, I wandered all over the place again, so what! LOL

  3. At this point, Arod has played more seasons as a Yankee then with anybody else. If any team were to retire his number, it should be the Yankees. As far as comparing him to Reggie, I can make 2 points. Arod has done as much or more for the Yankees, and Reggie was just as much of a controversial a$$#ole as Arod.

    1. Not comparing the two, merely saying Reggie's number should not be retired by the Yankees. I also mentioned that A Rod's number shouldn't be retired because he didn't come through the system, etc. I was cutting off the first person that said "well Reggie Jackson didn't come through the system either and he has his number retired."

    2. Reggie was a cheater in as much as he put his hip in the way of the ball...which helped the Yankees win that WS.

      Babe Ruth didn't come through the system either!

    3. You got me on the Ruth but it's pretty obvious why he is there.

    4. Just playing a little Daniel! LOL

  4. ALEX RODRIQUEZ :... For those of you that embrace him, and for those
    that wish he would vanish......I have found a magnifying glass for you.

    This past week, I came across a extremely well written piece on Alex.
    It takes you where you have never been allowed to venture before.

    You are with his children, his psychologist, the father, the cousin who was urinated on,
    the drugs from Florida....and into Rodriquez's head. Nice job by the writer.

    Stuff you never realized about him, and yet it is fair towards Alex. NOT over the top.
    The hammer will come out though ! And, it does.That is why this article is so well done.

    *...Yes, Kenneth it has pictures.

    Look for it, you may have to dig a tiny bit for it at...

    ESPN, The Magazine....or, the internet.

    " The Education Of Alex Rodriquez "
    By...J.R. Moehringer.

    Came out this week. So it should be an easy get.
    My guess...approx 12K words.

    For this Greedy group here...a must read. Enjoy.

    1. I have wanted to read this for about a week now and haven't had the chance. I will though and get back to you


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