Friday, February 20, 2015

MLB Intorduces Plan to Speed up Games

Major League Baseball has discussed all offseason long ways to improve the speed of play in their games in 2015 and going forward. In 2014 MLB games eclipsed the three hour mark on average per game and new Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to make speeding up the game priority number one.

Manfred's first plan includes not allowing batters to take their feet out of the batter's box throughout their at bats. Also time limits will be added to the breaks in between innings while managers will be able to challenge their replay calls from the dugout rather than stalling on the mound for five minutes.

Will the rules be enforced? That much remains to be seen but if they are warnings and fines on players and clubs will be handed down from the league. I like these ideas because they meet in the middle. You're not radically changing the game and you may shave 10-15 minutes off every game, which is never a bad thing.

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