Sunday, February 1, 2015

MLB Network's Top 50 Prospects

While some were out partying, sleeping or doing something a lot more fun then working on their second job as a professional writer I was at home on my computer using MLB Network as background noise. What I didn't know was on Friday night MLB Network went over their Top 50 Prospects in Major League Baseball with as much detail as they could. With Prospects Month in full swing on the blog what better time than now to go over their list and see what members of the New York Yankees made the cut.

Luis Severino was ranked #23 on the list.

This space was left intentionally blank because that was it for New York. No Aaron Judge, no Greg Bird and no Gary Sanchez. By the way, in case you were wondering, the Top 5 included Addison Russell (CHC), Francisco Lindor (CLE), Carlos Correa (HOU), Kris Bryant (CHC) and Byron Buxton (MIN) in descending order.

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