Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jorge Mateo To Get Work At Second Base?

A couple of days ago George King wrote that the Yankees are thinking about working out Jorge Mateo at second base.

Yes, I'm still happy the Yankees didn't give Robbie that 10 year contract that Seattle did.

While Mateo has only played shortstop since joining the Yankees' organization four years ago, there are two problems facing his future at that position...

1. Didi Gregorius. While starting off the season poorly (.206/.261/.238 batting line and .958 fielding percentage in April), Sir Didi has turned in a solid season both at bat and in the field (.276/.324/.392 batting line and .981 fielding percentage since May 1st).

2. King quoted one American League scout that had the following to say about Mateo's defense...
“His hands are a little too nervous for short,’’ the scout said. “He is more suited for second base. He is a big league player. The bat is good, he can run and he will be able to play second base.’’
Can you imagine the athletic duo of Didi Gregorius and Jorge Mateo in the middle of the infield?

This news reminded me of an article I wrote before the season, where I talked about what the team could look like in 2017. Well, chances are Jorge Mateo won't be ready for the bigs until 2018, so I had to re-do things a bit. Take a look at this possible team in 2018..

C - Brian McCann
1B - Greg Bird (Teixeira's last contracted year is 2017)
2B - Jorge Mateo
SS - Didi Gregorius
3B - Chase Headley
LF - Brett Gardner
CF - Jacoby Ellsbury
RF - Aaron Judge
DH - ???

SP - Masahiro Tanaka (I think he'll opt out and get re-signed)
SP - Michael Pineda
SP - Luis Severino
SP - Nathan Eovaldi
SP - Adam Warren

CL - Andrew Miller
SU - Dellin Betances

For the record, I can see the Yankees adding a free agent starter, knocking Adam Warren out of this rotation. And I admit that other things will likely change thanks to trades, injuries, etc.

Also, what really intrigued me when putting together that lineup is when I looked at the contracts and arbitration years. Brian McCann, Chase Headley, and Andrew Miller will be in the final years of their deals. Meanwhile, Didi Gregorius, Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi, and Adam Warren will be in their final arbitration years. Meaning the 2018/2019 offseason should be a really exciting one.


  1. You're forgetting our budget is like the Mets

    1. Without actually looking it up that looks like about a $150 million payroll.... tops... and that's if we get raped in arbitration.

  2. Which is my point. Once the Coupon Clipper gets this team out of the tax threshold he will not visit it again buy adding payroll. You know have the two big NY market teams that are tightwads

    1. I have always read that the push to get under the luxury tax was a one season thing to reset all the taxes and such. You only have to stay under for one season before you have to pay 0% tax again the next season.

    2. Burch don't buy into it. The guy is a cheap ass bastard

    3. Aren't you giving Hal the short end of the stick a little bit Hans? He had the opportunity to get under the luxury tax threshold a couple times and allowed Cashman to sign players. Prior to the 2009 season they were under and went and signed Teix, Sabathia and Burnett. After the 2013 season, he had another chance and allowed Cashman to sign Ellsbury, McCann, and Tanaka. The only problem I have with Hal is him being unwilling to eat salary. My problem is more with Cashman and Girardi then it is with Hal.

    4. My problem is with Hal and Cashman, not a big fan of Girardi but he is the least of my concerns. The schmucks at the top are the guys I have issues with.

    5. Exactly. Last time the team tried to get under they scrapped it and spent over $500 million including the Gardner extension. They didn't have the truck loads of money coming off the books then either.

      Also it is expected that the luxury tax threshold rises, maybe even as high as $200 million, with the new CBA that will hopefully be signed after 2016.

    6. Well, at least I have Bryan V. on my side. I said Mateo would play 2nd IF Didi keeps playing as he has been. Mateo's arm is good enough to play SS but better suited for 2nd base...not meaning in any way his arm isn't strong, it is but, not like Didi's.

    7. You were the first to say it, long before the New York Post. Hat tip to you my friend.

    8. Thank you, sir!
      The only arm I have ever seen as good (in the infield) MAY be the 3rd baseman of the Yankees back in 1952 thru 1960 Andy Carey. They called him "Clothes Line Carey".

  3. There is nothing to stop the Yankees from signing a personal contract with CC and Beltran. for the rest of their contracts...if they would retire, IF not, cut them. Thus, we have room for two younger players or an FA.
    It seems like many have forgotten about Slade Heathcott for the outfield. He has the most upside of any OF we have...IF he is done with being injury prone. Thus, we could cut conceivably trade Brett or Ells and bring up Slade and Judge. Refsnyder to replace Drew and Ryan to be the Jack of all trades.

    1. They could I just can't see them doing it. It's bad business, especially since Beltran is leading the team in numerous offensive categories this season.

      Beltran was signed for that third year with the DH role in mind. No one thought A Rod was coming back. it happens.

  4. Replies
    1. With three to go head-to-head with Toronto. Unlikely of course but we could be back in 1st by Thursday morning.

  5. I'll say it because I haven't heard anyone else say it!
    Will A-Rod come back for another year?
    I think he may because he only needs 30 HRs to pass "The Babe", Aaron and Bonds are out of reach I believe. He has two more years on his contract...I think!

    1. If he has two more seasons like this one, which I know is probably unlikely, he has a shot at passing Bonds. He wants that record in the worst way.

    2. True Daniel, but maybe the best thing for him is to leave on a high note. 38 HRs a year is a lot for anyone these days let alone someone 41/42 years old. He proved to many fans he could do it without Peds and at 40 years old at that.
      Damn these guys and their super Ego's.

      He keeps going back to his high leg kick, then he can't catch up to the fastball. Did you see him last night? He was being passed on the inside (FB) so after having 2 strikes on himself he moved back a step and Martin saw it and Price put the strike out pitch on the outside. That was the one he just waved at.

      Anyhow, if he did quit Beltran could be the DH next year and the team would get more out of him.

    3. I just can't see Alex walk away, not like this. He might, the contract is guaranteed regardless.

    4. He gets the money if he plays or quits? I didn't know that!
      I realize this is a rhetorical question but, do you really think there is a chance in hell he could catch Bonds?

    5. All contracts are guaranteed. Albert Belle was paid by the White Sox(I think, may have been the Indians) for a loooonnnggg time after retiring. None of it was deferred like Bobby Bonilla.

    6. Thanks, I had forgotten about Bell!

  6. This guy was very good, look at this;
    Only two players are in the 600+ HR, 2000+ RBIs, and 3000+Hits category Hank Aaron and A-Rod.
    #1-Grand Slams....25
    #4 686 HRs
    #4 2052 RBIs
    #4 441,05 Power&Speed
    #6 1256 Xtr Base Hits
    #8 5721 Total Bases
    #8 2249 Runs Created

    1. It's too bad those numbers will always be tainted, he's definitely been a special talent.

  7. Maybe I am stupid but what about Bonds, McG, Sammy Sosa, Big Pap, and all the others that were mentioned in the Mitchell Report? Also the entire Texas team back in the early 2000s?
    If A-Rod is Tainted so should all those guys, right?
    A-Rod has proven he could have done what he did without Peds at the age of 40. The other guys quit when the league started coming down on Ped users.
    All these big names were users as far as the Mitchell Report goes;
    Berry Bones
    Roger Clemens
    Juan Gonzalez
    Mark McGwire
    Rafael Palmeiro
    Andy Pettitte

    A-Rod got caught up in the last Mess but has yet to test Positive for anything.


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