Saturday, September 19, 2015

Players Tribune: From Where I See It Inside Yankee Stadium

The Players Tribune has been one of the best things to hit the internet and the blogging world this year in my opinion and it's slowly worked its way into my daily click folder. I initially expected more Derek Jeter sightings and more baseball talk but while I haven't gotten that I've enjoyed getting to know the writers through their "Letter to my Younger Self" posts and such. Jeter accomplished exactly what I think he wanted to accomplish, he wanted to give the players a direct avenue to their fans without having to be politically correct and without having to hold back and he's done that. Now The Player's Tribune is taking the next step now as the avenue begins their "From Where I See It" series that let's not only the players have their say but the hardworking ladies and gentleman that work at and frequent the stadium as well.

The first installment in this series is naturally Yankee Stadium giving everyone from one of the member of the grounds crew to the media dining cook all the way down to a few longtime Bronx residents their voice. CLICK HERE to see the entire post and support that wonderful site over there and see below for a short sample and blurb from the original article. Enjoy.

Luis Martinez | Yankee Stadium Grounds Crew, 25 years 
“I was 19 when I started here. I was a cook for 10 years for the clubhouse and at the Pinstripe Pub in the old stadium. In August of 2000, I moved over to the grounds crew. So I’ve been on the grounds crew for 15 years.”

Ron Forbes | Media Dining Cook, 7 years
“I worked at Verizon for many, many years, but food was always my passion. I’m always cooking at home. I retired at 49 and then went to culinary school. Now I have my dream job. I’ve been a Yankees fan since 1970! It never feels like I’m at work.”

Teddy | Longtime Bronx Resident
“I’ve been a Yankee fan since 1974. I was a Mets fan before that, but I moved from Manhattan to the Bronx. My apartment is located right at Gate 2, so I can walk right to the stadium. I went to one game and it started raining like crazy. I mean it seemed like every cloud in New York had burst. Everyone was scrambling around getting wet and trying to catch a cab. And I just took my time walked right across the street and I was home.”

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