Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Case For/Against Everth Cabrera

I can smell the fresh cut grass, the bags hauling all the balls and the bats, Spring Training is almost upon us. I made the case for Evereth Cabrera to be the next shortstop for the New York Yankees back in I believe November and while I am not making that case again I am once again beating the drum for Cabrera. All the major free agents and big names outside of Francisco Rodriguez and Rafael Soriano are signed and we are in definite minor league deal territory. There is no such thing as a bad minor league deal and there is no such thing as having too much depth. Would Cabrera once again make sense? Let's look at both sides of the equation. 


  • ·         Switch hitter
  • ·         28 years old, youthful
  • ·         Three years of team control
  • ·         Doesn’t gut the farm system to acquire
  • ·         Made less than $2.5 million in 2014
  • ·         Above average league rating per 9 and per game defensively
  • ·         Has 40 stolen base speed


  • ·         Coming off a down 2014 season and a Biogenesis suspension
  • ·         Had a DUI charge last season questioning his character
  • ·         Walked only 20 times in 2014
  • ·         Low BA, OBP, and OPS

I can't see an issue with Cabrera joining Cole Figueroa, Nick Noonan, Robert Refsnyder, Jose Pirela and others in minor league camp in a couple weeks. If he doesn't work out he's cut and the team moves on. If he proves he can still do it with the bat the Yankees get more versatile and possibly a better alternative to Brendan Ryan. Not much risk and a whole lot of upside. Where do I sign?

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