Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two Yankees Appear in Baseball Prospectus Top 101 Prospects List

Another day of Prospects Month here on the blog and another Top Prospects list to bring you, this time the list from Baseball Prospectus ranking the Top 101 Prospects in Major League Baseball. We wouldn't be here reading this if there weren't a couple of Yankees that made the list so let's get right down to it. There is no shock here that both Aaron Judge and Luis Severino made the list representing the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge ranked 49th while Severino ranked 51st which is surprising to see Judge actually ranked ahead of Severino. You have to pay for the write ups so I cannot exactly bring those to you unfortunately but if you were wondering the Twins Byron Buxton still occupies the top spot.


  1. MY LIFE THIS DAY...while living in this silent grey 'Yoan Moncada' fog.
    Been working hard at the nursery. Winter pansies will be the first flowers in. Early March.

    I scour every site I can, before I post here. Just to see in the Yankees are maneuvering.
    Dead. Except for pitchers that only their mothers would love.

    Alex Rodriquez apologized for his evil ways, to the Yankee brass. Admirable, good for him.
    From what I could garner, it sounded like the Yankees would not be too upset if
    Alex got run over by a bus, as he left their offices.

    Too bad. Because even though I'm in the minority....I hope Alex comes out of ST like
    Hulk Hogan. I wish him the best. Perhaps he has matured ? Some guys figure it out later.
    I'm just glad that he is on our side. We shall see.

    The Yankee offense is all about four words...." if they stay healthy."
    Imagine ? A recipe for disaster. The 2015 season is one of the most mysterious in
    many years. A Yankee trainer could actually be the MVP this year !

    The additions of Refsnyder, and Moncada, will jump start this team on a respirator.
    It is truly time for young blood. Retooling, is not that complicated.

    When the team breaks camp, we will have a better idea of the rotation. Injuries / trades.

    As for me....Powerball is $450MM on Wednesday.
    If Jesus smiles on me, and I have a few cold Coors Light....I may buy Moncada for the team.
    Irish think that way.

    1. TOP 100 PROSPECTS ?.....this is stupid. It changes every month.
      TOP 10 Players of all time....dead people ? Who cares.

      This should be your concern...the LA Dodgers. They want your future....Moncada.
      Moncada is your key, out of this mess.

      How many more pictures of Jeter can you stand ?...no more for me.
      As for the rest...rest in peace.

      The Dodgers want our future. Do not allow that to happen.

    2. I would worry about San Diego as well right now. They are playing catch up with the Dodgers and may throw $100 mill or more (with the penalties) on him and not blink an eye. He would bring twice that in revenue to New York.

      What's Cashman waiting on?

  2. I just came across the most unconscionable and hilarious Yankee top ten players of all time, by some guy named Jack Choros! If he is the guy I think he is; he is 29 years old and his list is as such.....

    #1 Jeter
    #2 Mo
    #3 Yogi
    #4 Whitey Ford
    #5 Lou Gehrig
    #6 Babe Ruth
    #7 Mickey Mantle
    #8 Joe DiMaggio
    #9 Don Mattingly
    #10 Reggie Jackson

    I guess it is true what they say about fans, their perception of sports starts with the players they have watched. I can point to 4 guys right off that don't belong on that list.
    Jeter, Mo, Don Mattingly and Reggie Jackson.
    Jackson only played for the Yankees a very short time...he is out!
    Mattingly could have been IF his back hadn't gone out on him...he is out!
    Jeter, no question in my mind HoF guy but not a Dominate player at all...he is out!
    Mo was a very dominate one inning pitcher for years but, he is borderline with me. One inning of dominance at 35 + avg. per a year will not cut it. Although, I still would have him on the list before the others.

    1. Any list that doesn't have Ruth, one, Gehrig two, and a combination of Mantle, DiMaggio and Yogi following is a joke. Put Jeter there if you want to, it does mean something (to me anyway) that is the all-time hits leader and only player to hit 3,000 hits. He isn't Julio Franco nor was he Pete Rose, the longevity didn't account for a lot of the totals.

      Put Rivera on there, greatest closer of all time. Not at #2 though and not ahead of Whitey Ford. Ford pitched 7-9 IP every single start and is the best SP in Yankees history. That's much more important than one IP from Rivera.

      Reggie Jackson? LOL. Mattingly I can see for nostalgia, although i don't agree, but Reggie? We had him for four seasons and he almost burnt the place down. So what he hit three consecutive home runs (well four across two games) in the World Series.

    2. Truth be told, I was being overly nasty with both Mo and Jeter, and I must apologize for being a bit cranky.
      Mo can go on the list as he was a very dominant force, albeit for one inning! But I disagree about Jeter being anywhere near a dominate player. He was a singles hitter that played SS, not a good SS that was a good hitter. And yes he has 3,000+ hits but, he also has, by far and away, the most AB of any player the Yankees have ever had...by a very large margin! He has a very good history of hitting over .300 year after year...no small feat, by the way!
      I would have him on the 20 best list, and I would have him on the Yankees over any other Yankee SS ever. As for him being the poster boy for the Yankees and going into the HoF, fine with me. But when one has a player that is bigger than the team...the team comes 2nd to him. Someone forgot to tell him the Team is #1 at all times, not one player.
      I am sorry to say...although he was the perfect guy for the team at the time and he had many great talents except for one...the team is number 1 and is always number 1.

    3. Who put the precursor on having to be dominant to be great? There are plenty of "great" players and players that are in the Hall of Fame that were never dominant. Craig Biggio and Barry Larkin come to mind immediately.

      Half the game is staying healthy, staying on the field, dealing with the grind of 162 game schedules (which Ruth, Gehrig etc. did not have to endure) and Jeter did that. I'm sorry but Jeter has to be Top 10 and is probably in the #6 or #7 range for me.

    4. I'm not going to reopen the argument about players of yesterday vs. players of today with you Ken. We've done that, we both have our opinions, and neither of us will change them. I don't understand where you're getting that Jeter wasn't a team first player though. He played hard, he played hurt, and he downplayed every personal milestone he ever accomplished. In fact he stated every time he was asked that it was a failure if the Yankees didn't win the World Series. What's your definition of a team player?

    5. You are right in many respects Jeff, and no we will not rehash the old with the new other than to say, I will take a dominant player over a player that is very good at one aspect of the game and isn't an all-around player, every day of the week!
      My problem with Jeter has nothing to do with his talents, he played as hard as he could and showed he is worthy of the Hall of fame.
      But what he says (PC) and what he does are two different things!
      As for him saying; "it was a failure if the Yankees didn't win the WS" All the players say that.

      A team player is a guy that has the back of his players, plays hard, a clutch player (don't give me that Captian Clutch stuff) two times he had a hit in the right spot and he is a clutch player?
      Also, he should have moved himself out of the number 2 hole a few years ago and didn't. Brett and Ellsbury as the 1 and 2 hitters is the way it should have been.

      This is my opinion; He is the best SS the Yankees have ever had and I wouldn't have had it any other way! But he was never rated the top SS in the AL, and was only rated the best player on the team three times in 20 years. Made the All-Star team many times because he played in New York and for no other reason. He has many, many YANKEE records but NO league records! He was a very good hitter that played SS for the New York Yankees but his Defensive War is not that good...but his hitting covered much of that up.
      I have no argument with the way most of the under 50 fans admire Jeter and say he is this or that and then buying into all the hype of 20 years being told everything he did was spectacular is ok with me also. When one is as great as some say he was, there is no need to have all the hype he had.

    6. The problem is it's hard to put Jeter's numbers and work into perspective because of the steroid era and because it simply just ended. Give it 20 years or maybe less when we see the offensive explosion plateau from the cleaning up of the game and Jeter's numbers will shine.

      For his position he was an all-time great. His defense was never great but he was never mentioned as great for his defense it's always been about the offense in an offensively anemic position.

    7. One thing I don't think I have done is say Jeter wasn't the best we ever had at SS. I never said he was unworthy of being in the HoF. I have tried to point out the fact he was a great poster boy for the Yankees and the league itself. And my real top 10 all time Yankee Greats has nobody on it that ever used drugs that I have ever heard of anyhow!
      Jeter stacks up well in some categories, but not in the ones that count the most, "The Major League Records".
      What I meant by being Dominate was the fact that all the players on my top ten list are dominate players and Jeter is not. It isn't a precursor that one must be dominant to be great, it helps a lot, does it not?

    8. Of course it helps being dominant but a lot can be said for longevity and durability as well. Also it's the hardest thing in the world to do, hit a baseball. Give you or I 10,000 at bats or however many Jeter had in his career and I bet I don't hit 3,000 of them where they ain't.

      A ton of major league players can't say that either and no other Yankee. We speak so highly of the Yankees greats and the greats of Yankees past and Jeter sits alone in more than a few categories. Yankees only, sure, but Jeter is a Yankee and this is a Yankees list.. not a greatest player of all time list.

    9. That is the whole idea of batting 2nd, one out of three times one comes up with a runner on 1st base...right? Man on first base, big hole on the right side...right? Jeter's swing was perfect for the hole on the right side.

      Anyhow, you are right longevity means a lot, the problem was, the older players didn't have the benefit of the medicines and hospital care they have today, therefore they didn't play as long (on avg).

      With the same number of ABs' Babe would have had about 3,895 hits, Lou Gehrig would have had 3,806.
      Again, look at the production of the hits the others put on the board...not only Lou, Babe Yogi and Mickey etc.
      #1-Babe, #2 Lou Gehrig, #3 Mickey Mantle, #4 Joe DiMaggio, #5 Yogi Berra, #6 Whitey Ford, #7 Red Ruffing, #8 Tony Lazzeri, #9 Mo Rivera #10 Andy Pettitte/Mel Stottlmyer!
      That is my 10-1/2 top Yankees, Mel is on the list because he was a damn good pitcher but played on some of the worse teams the Yankees ever fielded. You think these last few years were bad, they don't compare!
      Tell me who you would take off this list for Jeter? Just asking, because he would have been my 12th or 13th player...maybe 11th, but Mel was such a good pitcher, this is one time the stats don't tell the story.

    10. Red Ruffing has 273 wins, and the era he pitched in doesn't make me want to put him ahead of Jeter. Jeter was better than Lazzeri, Andy, and Mel in my opinion.

      I understand, and agree, that Mel is extremely underrated looking at his peripherals but he isn't a top 10 Yankee.

    11. By the way, except for only playing 20 years for the Yanks and having over 3,000 hits, to Laz 16 years...the numbers are very even except for two spots!
      Laz SO about .99 to 1 BB, Jeter about 1-7/8 to 1 BB and Laz was called "push 'um up" for a reason. He had 115 SH in 16 years, Jeter 89 in 20 years.
      In other words, they had different jobs on the team.
      Mel's Fip-3.37, Red R Fip-3.86, Andy P Fip-3.74.
      I could have put Bill Dicky or any other of five players on the team, but I never saw them and that makes a difference to me. Most of the ones I have I saw play.
      You are just going by WAR, and stats. I am going by the impact the player had on the teams win and loss records. Have you ever heard anyone playing the Yankees ever say "We can't let jeter beat us"? I don't think so. My point of view is very simple, singles are good ...for a lead-off hitter, moving a runner over (#2 hitter) or driving a runner in is a big part of batting #3, #4 and #5.
      I think we will never change our minds, so it is what it is.

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  4. The new players of the 162 game era don't have to ride the train from one town to another or play double headers, or get the medical help they have today. They also didn't have very many afternoon games in the wool uniforms of the day with much smaller gloves and fields that are works of art today were no better than a high school field back then.
    A much different game today than it was back then.


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