Thursday, February 12, 2015

USA Top 100 Players You Need to Know: 26-50

Earlier in the week we brought you the USA Today’s Top 100 Players that you needed to know list showcasing the #76 - #100 slots. As a reminder this list is to gauge more of how much of an impact each player will have and their MLB readiness and less of a Top Prospects List per se. One member of the New York Yankees made the list on the #26 - #50 list and his name was Robert Refsnyder.

37. Rob Refsnyder, 2B, Yankees: Is Stephen Drew really the solution at second base? The Yankees seldom trust a rookie with a starting spot, but Refsnyder, 23, or even Jose Pirela could come out of the farm system to take over the job. Quite simply, Refsnyder can hit, with reasonable power for a middle infielder and a high contact rate. He's average defensively but also can play the outfield, which enhances his chances of nudging onto the roster initially in a bench role.

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