Thursday, February 12, 2015

Greedy Pinstripes Top 28 Prospects List: #17

Prospects Month is in full swing and we're already up to our 18th best prospect in the farm system, Tyler Wade. Let's see what Jeff Levin has to say about this pick. Love you buddy! lol.

Here is the write up from Kyle McDaniel on Wade:

Tyler Wade, SS Video: Wade took a big step forward this year to scouts outside the organization, but was a Yankee favorite for some time after drafting him in the 4th round in 2013. Wade took the opportunity when the more hyped Abiatal Avelino was injured or struggling at Low-A last year and the lefty-hitting Wade performed very well for a 19-year-old in full season ball.  Wade is an above average to plus runner with the tools to stick at shortstop and the internal clock and instincts to get the most out of his tools. He’s more of a contact type hitter and power isn’t a big part of his game, but lefty hitting shortstops that hit when they’re young for the league aren’t easy to find.

17. Tyler Wade
18. Juan DeLeon
19. Dante Bichette Jr. 
20. Domingo German
21. Slade Heathcott
22. Nick Rumbelow
23. Jose Ramirez
24. Ramon Flores
25. Gosuke Katoh
26. Chasen Shreve
27. Taylor Dugas
28. Johnny Barbato


  1. I'll leave this one alone Daniel. The only negatives I see are the lack of power and high strikeout totals. Strikeouts should come down with maturity, and not very many shortstops hit for power. We were just spoiled for 20 years. And before anybody here says anything about Jeter not being a power hitting shortstop let me give you some cold hard facts. In the entire history of baseball, 3 shortstops have hit more homeruns than Jeter. They are Called Ripken, Miguel Tejada, and Alex Rodriguez. That makes Jeter a power hitting shortstop. ( That was mainly for you Ken. Since you're the Jeter hater here! lol)

    1. and if you remove steroids from two of them... and we will never know about the third... that could possibly make Jeter the best power hitting shortstop of all time. Def. Top 10 all time Yankee.

      Sorry Reed, couldn't resist also throwing a friendly jab in there as well.

  2. Guys, it is alright with me...I put it out there and knew I would be challenged. That is what an open debate is for, other than having fun.
    Like I keep saying; it is in the eyes of the beholder, and sorry guys haven't seen the many greats On my list of the top ten play. I have seen all but three of the players myself.
    Remember this 40 years you will be saying the same thing about a Yankee player of the Yankees future that everyone says is one of the top 10 players ever!

    1. But weren't you the one that mentioned that the only reason Jeter is on these lists is because the people making the lists saw him play and not the other greats?

      Isn't that having cake, diabetes, and eating it too?

    2. Why don't we all just feel fortunate that the Yankees have had soooo many great players that this argument exists? How do the Red Sox fans feel? Well, we had Williams, Yaztremkski, and, and, oops. I forgot that we gave away Ruth and Clemens. Oh yeah, we did have Buckner though!

    3. You call it fortunate, I call it spoiled.

  3. Daniel, that is not exactly what I meant!
    I said/meant, they grew up watching Jeter play and not the other Yankee Greats, so therefore don't understand the impact some of the older players had on the game. I don't fault them for that at is human nature.
    I am saying, Jeter is a bit short of making the top ten all time Yankee Greats, and that it in a nutshell!
    I must correct something someone said about Phill Rizzuto...Phill had a 22.9 Career Defensive WAR to Jeters 2.5(-). And that is the best D-WAR ever, for a Yankee!
    I think that is enough about Jeter anyhow...he was what he was and that was damn good.

    1. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you but all Rizzuto's defensive WAR proved was that he was the best at being what everyone else was good at. Shortstop was always a defensive position until the Jeter's, Garciaparra's, A Rod's etc. came along. Rizzuto was great, a Hall of Fame caliber player, but on my list I have to have Jeter ahead of him.

      Not because I saw him play, I would make that argument even if I was a first time baseball watcher and searched baseball reference for both their stats. You are entitled to your opinion and I am no more right or wrong then you are, just my opinion.

    2. New flash, I would have Jeter as my SS also, and I have said that over and over. Someone had said Jeter was a better fielder than Phil, so I just wanted to show they were wrong.
      The 2nd baseman and SS were always defence first until as you said, the hitters that could play SS came up to the bigs.
      I say the same thing and I saw them both play, even Phil said Jeter had a better arm than he did.

  4. Good evening lambs.
    Yoan Moncada....tic, tic, tic.
    The school of MLB feeding fish are circling this young five tool player...
    My candles are nearing their ends.

  5. A POLL...aimed at who will sign Yoan Moncada
    I shortened it up....I lifted it from MLB.

    Yankees 31.22% (5,010 votes)

    Dodgers 19.02% (3,053 votes)

    Red Sox 10.71% (1,719 votes)

    Not bad. Gives reason for hope. ( unless most of the voters were Yankee fans )
    Rise, and shine young lambs.

    1. I saw a similar poll on MLBTR, is this where you got it from? Good to see New York in the lead but that and a buck will get you a coke, you know?


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