Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Sign of Things to Come from Chris Young

Chris Young was brought over late last season from the New York Mets after being designated for assignment and provided some late game pop and drama. Young was heralded for his late game heroics and walk off home runs in the Bronx late in the season and it earned him another one year deal to basically serve as a backup for Carlos Beltran in right field. Then the Yankees intrasquad game happened.

New York chose to use a pitching machine to pitch in the game so they could throw balls in the dirt at will among other reasons to keep both the batters and the catchers on their toes. Young stepped up to the plate in the game and actually struck out against a pitching machine. I know it was only the first day of March but it’s a pitching machine and he’s a major league hitter.

So this is what we have to look forward to in 2015. Chris Young striking out left and right while a polished college bat in Aaron Judge kills it in DOUBLE-A and Tyler Austin rots in Triple-A. I can’t wait, what about you?


  1. This is what I've been trying to say. We keep signing these guys for millions, when we have players in our own system that can contribute as much or more for the league minimum. Capuano, Drew, and Young will cost about $15 million. We all know how cheap Hal has been. Quit signing guys like this and he may have ponied up for Moncada. I'm going to pull a Hans. I'm going to start blaming Cashman. After all, do you really think it was ownership that went to Cashman and said "We have to have these guys. Go sign them at any cost."?

    1. Absolutely not. Any bargain basement signing this team makes is definitely a Cashman influenced signing. He does get lucky more times than not on these I will give him that though. I do understand and agree though. He treats this team as if we have a 85 million payroll.

    2. Now your getting it Levin. Welcome to the side of c common sense.

  2. Young looked pretty good at the plate yesterday. This story's kinda funny, but nothing to get concerned about

    1. It was def. meant to be comical, although Twitter didn't take it that way.

  3. I LOOK FOR FORKS IN THE ROAD...always have.

    I can not talk 100 % baseball, all of the time.

    I don't fit into that equation. Not a knock on anyone here, it's just me.
    A communist president, in my view, is the ultimate red flag. I can't deal with liers. ( Last night )
    Cuban cigars for Van Dusen is another story. It's only humor.
    South Park is just an observation on my part. I'm allowed to critique. ( My e-mail is not for lectures )

    That are you guys ? I hope this finds you all in good spirits.
    Tonight if I may , I'll offer you my scattered thoughts.

    I think that Curt Schilling would have morphed himself into a great Yankee. Sorry they missed
    out on him. Not a Monument type of guy...but a great character.

    The core four ? Are you tired of them ? I am. Enough already, that ship has sailed. Like stale beer.
    This current team starts to do well, and they keep dragging out yesterdays news.
    Last year felt like old timers day, every week.

    Same goes for Jeter. Not for nothing, but what an dead anchor last year. Stay away.

    Alex......Did any of you read that 12K word piece in 'ESPN Magazine ' a week or to back ?
    If you had, you would understand Alex, and how he is dealing with the adversity surrounding him today.
    I will not dig up old wounds. I just think, that from reading that piece twice, that Alex now
    gets it. I wish him well.
    Haters, and Met fans will go silent, once Alex regains his stride.
    Met fans are most likely communists, anyway.

    One more...Brian McCann. This is your leader. This should be your next captain.
    With Jeter gone, McCann will surge forward. It's as plain as day.

    1. I'm with you patrick and I echo everything you said. Especially the Brian McCann statements. I saw a lot of him in Atlanta and he is a great leader and character. Hot head when he needs to be and the calming lead by example presence when it's necessary as well.


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