Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bailey ready to resume his career with Yankees

After missing the last year and a half with a shoulder injury, Andrew Bailey is ready to compete again.

The 2009 AL Rookie of the Year, 30, is set to make his spring training debut in Wednesday night's Yankees-Braves game in Lake Buena Vista -- likely slated to pitch an inning against a lineup of mostly major-leaguers. It's currently unknown how good Bailey's chances at earning a spot on the Yanks' roster are, or even if the team plans to consider him.

But the veteran is nonetheless looking forward to the opportunity -- his first outing since July 12, 2013.

"What keeps you driving is the opportunity in front of me now," Bailey said Tuesday, according to The New York Post. "I'm a big believer success happens when you take advantage of opportunities."

Bailey is recovering from a torn capsule in his throwing arm, which he suffered while with the Red Sox in 2013.

Bailey had recorded eight saves for Boston before going down, keeping his ERA at a respectable 3.77. In 2009, the best season of his career, Bailey compiled 26 saves and a 1.84 ERA for the A's -- helping him garner enough votes for his first of two All-Star selections.

It's anyone's guess whether Bailey will ever put up those numbers again, but the right-hander is at least feeling healthy for the moment. 

"I feel great," Bailey said. "I've passed all the tests, now it's time to let it go in a game."

Bailey will probably have to impress notably to get the Yankees' attention, though -- seeing as the club is presently stacked with relief options. Five of the Yankees' bullpen jobs for this season have already been locked up, with youngsters Chris Martin and Jacob Lindgren also seen as possibilities. 

Bailey isn't viewing his situation negatively, however, instead opting to praise the Yankees' pen for its talent.

"With the starters we have, coming off injuries last year it's a bullpen you can lean on if need be," Bailey said. "Everyone is excited and hopefully I'm a part of that."

Still, Bailey admits Wednesday's contest is just the first of many steps for him -- not necessarily a milestone to be celebrated. 

"Wednesday's game is the first goal of many goals," he said. "My goal was to get into a spring training game. The ultimate goal is to win the World Series and be a part of it. That's where we all want to be. My road starts with Day 1 in spring training and that's Wednesday."

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  1. Even though I want the kids to get the job, one has to pull for a guy with his class and "stick-to-it-ness"!


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