Thursday, March 19, 2015

Derek Jeter Hints at Wanting to Own MLB Team Again

Derek Jeter has always kind of hinted at wanting to own a Major League baseball franchise and also flirted with the idea of purchasing part of the Buffalo Bills as recently as this offseason. Jeter once again hinted towards wanting to be an owner of an MLB team this week when he was asked while promoting his trip to Japan this weekend to host a charity baseball game with Hideki Matsui. More on that a little later in the day but the nugget I took from that is Jeter still seems genuinely serious and interested in owning a MLB franchise one day.

Jeter’s exact quote when asked about owning a team was:

"I need to get away from (baseball) for a little while," Jeter said at a press conference. "I've been doing it professionally for 23 years, at this moment now I'm not thinking about getting back in the game. My ultimate dream is to one day own a team but that's in the future."

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