Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Deadline To Claim Austin Romine Approaching

If no team claims Austin Romine by 1:00pm tomorrow, the Yankees will be able to send him to the minors. Unlike players with at least three years of MLB service time, and have also already been outrighted to the minor leagues before, Romine can't reject an assignment to the minors.

I don't see that happening, though, as somebody is bound to give Romine a spot on their active roster. It actually surprises me that the Yankees haven't already worked out a trade with a team like the Phillies or Padres... two teams that have shown interest in Austin.

Romine was once a nice prospect, but clearly fell behind other catching prospects like John Ryan Murphy and Gary Sanchez, making him expendable. If he does end up elsewhere he'll be missed, and I won't be alone in wishing him the best of luck.

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