Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Stadium Food Coming in 2015

If you guys have been reading this winter you guys know that I love stadium food and ballpark food so I was excited when I saw all the new and great food coming to a ballpark near you in 2015. From the St. Louis Cardinals breaded chicken waffle sandwich to the Milwaukee Brewers nachos on a stick I was salivating looking at the food around the league that I will share with you today. Get hungry Yankees family because baseball is back!

I love garlic fries and the Chicago White Sox are taking that to the next level with Parmesangarlic waffle fries that are showcased in the picture above. I'm sold, hey D Rob send me some tickets bro.  The Kansas City Royals will have a steak and cheese dog this year with your run of the mill hot dog, steak pieces and melted cheese on top. Where do I sign up? I think my ultimate favorite though has to go to the Houston Astros who came up with a chicken and waffle cone, seen below. It looks like little pieces of popcorn chicken, yum, inside a waffle cone, yum, with mashed potatoes and honey mustard sauce. Yum Yum Yum.

And to wash it all down? The Philadelphia Phillies will be serving hard liquor at the stadium in 2015. I guess they knew what the team was going to do on the field and made the tough decision out of necessity, just saying...


  1. ARRGGGHHHH..... HELP! My arteries are clogging up just looking at that waffle cone thing.


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