Monday, April 20, 2015

ICYMI: Warming Up to a Jose Peraza Trade

As much as I hate to admit it I think I may have been wrong when I absolutely went off on Brian Cashman yesterday morning in a rant. If Cashman was able to pull off a trade for Jose Peraza for simply Gary Sanchez and another prospect I think I would have to eat crow and admit that it would be a pretty good trade for the Yankees, begrudgingly. I absolutely love Robert Refsnyder and what I believe he will bring to the table in the Bronx and I have been one of the bigger Didi Gregorius supporters there has been but Peraza makes too much sense for the Yankees to not pick him up and I am prepared to tell you why.

First and foremost shortstops that can hit are at an absolute premium these days, even more so than catchers who can hit, so there aren’t many Peraza type players inside the Yankees system or sitting around in free agency. A trade for a Yankees weakness, middle infielders, from a Yankees strong point, catching depth, makes a ton of sense for New York and it really improves the farm system overall. You have to remember that Peraza was basically hand in hand with another Yankees prospect Aaron Judge on almost every Top 100 Prospects list this offseason where Sanchez was left off those lists so New York would be getting a stronger prospect for a lesser prospect or two in a deal that also potentially fills a need in the long term.

I really like Gregorius and I have a ton of faith in Jorge Mateo, Abi Avelino and the rest of the Yankees shortstop prospects but Peraza is just too good to pass up. Mateo may be great but he is so far away he may not be as well. Trading for Peraza is like trading for the best case scenario and the ceiling of Mateo without the growing pains and the three or four year waiting period. Peraza is ready now for the major leagues in my opinion and if he’s not he will truly be ready by June. And while we’re talking projections you have to admit that neither Gregorius nor Peraza are finished products at this point in their careers but projection wise Peraza has to rank just a step or two ahead of Gregorius if all goes according to plan.

Peraza is a better fit for this team as he is a right handed hitter that balances out the bottom of the order. Peraza has the speed to hit 9th and basically give the Yankees three leadoff hitters along with Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner along with potentially 60 stolen base per season speed and base running skills. Peraza along with Refsnyder at second gives the Yankees exactly what they need as they go into basically a rebuilding phase over the next three or four seasons and that’s a strong defense up the middle and a young core of players to build around. Someone will jump on Didi in a trade if the Yankees acquire Peraza and if not then you designate Brendan Ryan and you rotate Didi in off the bench whenever you can. When you have a slew of talent you don’t turn them away you simply find ways to get them into the lineup. That’s Joe Girardi’s job, not mine. It’s also Cashman’s job to put the best team on the field as possible and honestly, as much as I hate to admit it after my little rant yesterday, that team likely includes Peraza at shortstop. 


  1. I hope you learned your lesson that not only did working yourself up and going off in a rant on BC make you late for the game - you now may really be taking it all back:) In all seriousness though I agree that there are too many strategic moves happening but I try to keep in perspective the bigger picture, the long season ahead and the fact that I truly believe that whatever obstacle, player or useless commentors a/k/a the annoyings "analysis" is thrown JG's way - he will take the talent and it will prevail. These are the Yankees after all.

    1. The talent usually does prevail, yes. Honestly that bails Joe Girardi out of a lot of jams, not to say that he is any less perfect than any other manager out there. I do tend to get worked up sometimes, only because I love this team. I usually let the information process in my head a day before I write on it but then you run into that Catch 22 where the news is almost outdated by the time I am calm enough and reasonable enough to write about it, lol.

      And a Sunday afternoon nap is what kept me from making it to the game on time :)

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  3. That trade will never happen just as KR and myself will never agree on anything in baseball

  4. SO SIMPLE..that even Hansel & Gretel may understand.
    Get your ducks lined up, and pull the trade trigger.

    a: Set up a trading partner for the Scare Crow.
    b: Do the same with Ryan, or be prepared to release him.
    c: Do the Peraza trade. He is now the shortstop.
    d: Complete a & b.
    e. Refsnyder comes back to complete 2nd base 101. And hit.
    f: Drew is now your back-up infielder. If he does not like him the door also.

    The bottom of the line-up is stronger. The team is better, and younger...'Get er done !'

    Hansel will not understand any of this. The Elf thing has his mind fogged up.

    1. That makes the team better in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

    2. I understand completely Mulch Head, what you fail to understand is the idiot running the show named Cashman. Maybe you need to get your ducks in a row first

    3. There you go Patrick, you have the long-range picture, I was not in favor nor against it until I did a Daniel and took time to think about it more clearly.
      That is why my comment (April 17th) was non-committal at first.
      Unlike some, I think Cashman will do the deal if given the ok by the Tampa Cabal, he is not as clueless as some think he is.
      The big difference is most GMs (within reason) can make deals without having to get the ok from the bosses.

    4. HANS-el's angry black heart is confusing him.

      You say you understand, really? You comment on nothing that was posted.
      Then.....right back to the elf, and something about lining up ducks.
      Brian can reboot this team. He just needs support from others like you.

      ** This could be a great trade / team restructuring, except I can not find anything
      to support this rumor any where.

      Ellijay this smoke, or substance ?

    5. Little p,

      I have seen it on about every other blog and it was started by either Bill madden or George King on the Post, can't remember.

      Braves deny it but they also said Kimbrel was untouchable so who knows.

    6. I think you been taking to many nips at the bottle Mulch. If you believe Cashman can re-tool this team effectively then I have some land for you to build a bridge. Not one of his new additions has actually done anything to right home about except Miller. Tell me what I am missing here because last I looked Didi is still clueless and your boy Eovaldi is still winless with a high 4 era

  5. BAD NIGHT...but, the Magnificent Eovaldi will pitch tomorrow, and will
    make the darkened clouds.....drift away.

    1. Was a bad night and no one is to blame. Twitter killed Didi for that play in the 8th, then killed Girardi for keeping CC in too long, then killed CC.

      Honestly the better team just won like they have a habit of doing more times then not, bottom line


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