Monday, April 6, 2015

Join The Greedy Pinstripes on Tap Sports Baseball 2015

Many of you took advantage of this in 2014 but now that it's Opening Day 2015 I offer the same to you all this year. I love the game Tap Sports Baseball because it's pretty simple, it's free and it's fun and addictive. The best part about it is you can play against your Facebook friends, other friends if you know their team names and just random opponents and AI. You can spend a ton of time playing this game because it's well done, polished and pretty legit for a free game.

Last year more than a few of you joined us on the 2014 version when we were pretty established and dominant but this time around I have played a total of four games before posting this. I'm a noob now so the teams will be equal this time around so jump on the game, search for an opponent, and join us by searching for our team name "GreedyPinstripes."

We look forward to seeing you all there and dominating you once again in 2015.

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