Monday, April 6, 2015

Ty Hensley Had Tommy John Surgery

So here I was checking Facebook before I went to take a shower and I read a post from my friend Marci Hensley, the mother of Yankees prospect Ty Hensley. Marci broke the news that Ty went under the knife last Tuesday to get Tommy John surgery performed by Dr. James Andrews. 

Another setback and another season lost for Ty. A damn shame, it's always the good ones that get the short straw in life and Ty is definitely one of the good guys. 


  1. Isn't that the truth! In his case better now than in another year, if all goes well he could be another one of the pitchers fans don't hear much about for the next two years. Being as he isn't that old, he could be right on time to be a new bright spot in our starting pitching for the 2017+/- seasons. C.C. and possibly Tank, Pineda may be gone because of injury or contracts. IF he can do as well as some think he can, I should think it is better for the team to have him under the knife now rather than later. Also, better for him to come back healthy and move into the rotation, with a healthy arm!

    1. He is so far away and he hasn't pitched really at all since being drafted. I love the guy and his family but damn, the guy cannot catch a break.


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