Monday, April 6, 2015

This Day in New York Yankees History 4/6: Ron Blomberg

In 1973 the Yankees Ron Blomberg became the first designated hitter in major league history. In his first plate appearance the DH drew a walk off of Luis Tiant in a 15-5 loss at the hands of the bitter rival Boston
Red Sox.

Happy Opening Day 2015 ladies and gentleman! 


  1. This guy was the next great power hitter for the Yankees. But he hurt his back and never got it going again. Just think of these numbers while with the Yankees.
    .302 BA, 18 HRs per year, 129 BB to 117 SO, 202 RBIs in 355 hits (RBI 57%). Not great numbers you say, no they weren't but considering his back problems started in his first year with the club he still put some nice % numbers.
    I have heard this guy or that guy is the next Mickey so many times (and never was true) except this guy had the right stroke and the power to go with it, until his back injury. If I remember right (in this case I do), the Yankees Management thought he couldn't hit left-handers well...which was a big mistake because when he was in against them he hit well enough In fact better than well enough! The problem was, they had some right handed 1st basemen and DHs and the Major was a stat guy...leftys can't hit lefty's! Which is stupid!
    When was the last time they ever said a righty couldn't hit a righty?

  2. I met Ron Blomberg and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. A true gentleman

  3. CLIP NOTES.....just random comments from what I have observed today.

    Alex Rodriquez...the fans held back a bit, but they were kind, and welcomed him back.
    Alex did fine at the plate, while he looked in great form. He drove the ball well, and
    the Toronto pitching gave him respect. Glad to have him back.

    Tanaka...part outstanding / part things happen. Lets see next time.

    Opening Day...Yankees have lost six of the last seven. And now...four years in a row.
    Write it off, and turn the page.
    Toronto wants out of town before the Yankees turn Eovaldi on them.

    1. Pineda will pick us up tomorrow and all will be well. Just sucks for the sting to last another day since the team is off today.

  4. Much Head, that Effing hilarious about Eovaldi.


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