Saturday, April 11, 2015

Matt Tracy Called Up, Chasen Shreve Going Down, Nova to 60 Day DL


It's official, Tracy is up, Shreve goes down and Ivan Nova is transferred to 60 day DL.

The New York Yankees have announced that left handed starting pitcher Matt Tracy will be heading up for this afternoon's game in the Bronx. You have to assume that Chasen Shreve, who threw 3.1 IP of relief in the 19 inning affair last night will be going down to the minors for a rest.

Tracy is not on the 40 man roster so some roster move will need to be made just five games into the season. Not exactly how you want to start a season.


  1. Hopefully it's just for rest. Then again, Rogers isn't being sent down and he's even more worn out.

    1. Rogers can't be sent down, Shreve can. Shreve has to stay down for 10 days (unless there's an injury) and can come right back. Not a huge deal when you have three lefties (and you called up a lefty to replace him).


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