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The Daily Dozen: April 12th Edition

The Daily Dozen: April 12, 2015 Edition (sans pictures since I'm tired)

Twelve Takeaways from Tonight's Game:

1. #TanakaTime.  He's back! Okay...he was back for the 1st inning.  He goes 3 up 3 down with only 9 pitches.  Contrast that to the 1st inning by Buchholz (25 pitches) with the Yankees were up 7-0.

2. Jacoby is Patient in the First.  Lo and behold!!! He draws a walk...the rest was history.  As goes Ellsbury, goeth thine Yankees...we've been saying it all season so far!

3. What was that? A hit and run??  And it was actually executed well???  With Ellsbury's speed he actually went 1st to 3rd on Gardner's H & R.  Speed kills if used correctly (as in not like Gardner the last 2 days).  In the bottom of the 4th, Didi, Ells, and Gardy just plain killed it...NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!

4. #NAPPYBEARD was looking like Buckner Tonight.  He had a low throw to Short that could have been a double play if executed propertly and then botched another play in the 1st inning.  He ended up doing decently at the plate, what with 2 walks and ending his 0 for 18 beginning of the season with a base hit in the top of the 8th.  Congratulations on being 1 for 19 #NappyBeard!

5. I told you A-Rod would begin to rake!  The 3-run double in the 1st won the game for the Yankees.  Not only that, but it busted a previously held .167 for the Yankees with RISP.  Once one guy (and presumably the new Yankees clubhouse leader) gets it going, the rest will follow.  Alex is also seeing the ball really well right now and had 2 walks...the one in the 6th with the bases loaded after fighting off several inside pitches.  John Kruk swore he was just guessing at pitches, but then again Kruk is fat and slow and probably smells like a Philly Cheese Steak that has sat on a hot NY sidewalk during the entire month of July....just guessing.

6. ESPN's crew voted for the Yankees' Franchise Four.  The end result:  Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and....Mickey Mantle.  I can't disagree with that result; however, the Yankees are probably the only team that an argument could be made for about 7 guys to be the 4th on that list: Jeter, Rivera, Ford, Berra, Maris, Mattingly, Clemens...?

7. David Ortiz...the speedster.  Tanaka needs to learn to pitch like an American.  When you have a big lead you just pitch to contact to get the game over quicker...but nooooo! He has to try to finesse pitches in there.  The result?  David Ortiz gets a walk with the Yankees up 7-0...two wild pitches later and David "El Speedo" Ortiz is on 3rd base.  He promptly scored on a sac fly making it 7-1.  Tanaka would go on to give up an additional 3 runs before hitting his magical pitch count after 5 innings (presumably 97 pitches).  You know what #Binder?  Either give him the green light to go 100% or get the guy elbow surgery already...because giving up 4 runs in both starts so far while only lasting 1/2 a game is going to KILL your bullpen.  #PUTTHATINYOURBINDER

8. Nine Errors.  The Yankees have 9 errors so far this season with at least 1 each game to lead the majors.  This is not acceptable.  Especially with how touted this defense was supposed to be.  Maybe the #BINDER should have them do fielding and throwing drills tomorrow before the game?

9. Clay Buchholz.  3 1/3 innings. 9 Hits.  10 Runs.  9 Earned Runs.  2 BB, 3 K, Sox #1 Starter.  This is like McDonald's...I'm LOVIN it!

10. Stephen Drew had a game.  Despite the error (the NINTH Yankee error of the season), Mr. Drew did alright getting a Home Run, making a GREAT defensive play in the 6th, hitting a sac fly in the bottom of the 6th (all 3 runners tagged up on the play by the way, which was my favorite part of the game), and turned a double play.  Nicely done.  We will probably go back to hating on you tomorrow night, so enjoy the props tonight!

11. Teixeira just needs to bat right-handed.  His hit tonight from the right side just looked better coming off the bat than anything he hits on the ground lefty.  If there is someone on base, he should bat right-handed.  I'm not going to look into the statistics of it like the #BINDER, it's just a feeling I'm getting.

12. Best AL Teams after one week of MLB play?  1. Detroit Tigers, 2. Kansas City Royals, 3. Boston Red Sox, 4. Toronto Blue Jays???

--- Thanks for reading the Daily Dozen this first week of the season.  I look forward to filling your inbox with wit, wisdom, and sarcasm for the full 162! --- dm23HOF

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