Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thanks to Tom Brady MLB Has To Watch Its Balls

Thanks to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots everyone around Major League Baseball now feels compelled to watch their balls. Major League Baseball has upped their security for its game balls this season in the wake of Deflate Gate. Let the jokes begin.

Starting this season an MLB representative watches the baseballs while a clubhouse assistant carries them from the umpires’ room to the playing field. If the supply of balls runs low an MLB security guard is now sent to retrieve more balls from the umpires’ room instead of clubhouse personnel. MLB is saying the changes in policy were discussed before the AFC Championship game this season but honestly I’m not buying the huge coincidence personally.

What can you do to a ball? The umpire is going to see scuffs and will notice a difference if the ball is dunked in water or altered. MLB is now telling teams what temperature they should set their thermostats at when storing the balls and is telling the teams how much humidity can be around the balls. All because some douche bag deflated them and won a game he was going to win anyway and then a Super Bowl. Whatever. 

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